analysis and characteristics of this Android application

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You do not have to look for many more functionalities in Memory Helper than being able to add notes as a reminder, so it has a single function. This may be a failure for some, but for others it will not be so – since you know exactly what you will achieve by using development. And, the truth is that his work does it quite solvency And, best of all, in a simple way.

The latter is achieved because the user interface is really intuitive, with all the elements (which are not many, specifically there are three) well located and, in addition, the choice of the central area to display the notes is a complete success. There is something that adds up in this section, and we believe that in a decisive way: Memory Helper is fully translated, which makes learning very fast and that it is always quite clear what has to be done.

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The sections that exist on the development main screen are the following: a button that allows adding a new note, which is completely identifiable; another that has an icon with a drawing of an arrow that rotates and that allows to reload the application in case there are news; and, in addition, the one that gives access to the Settings that are much more complete than you might think due to the simplicity that Memory Helper offers. In this way, everything that is possible to do with the application is perfectly represented by the shortcuts.

Some details that are interesting about this work is that, for example, in Settings it is possible to change the bottom that is used, varying the colors that are seen. The darkest ones are the ones that we think best fit the texts, which can also be varied in size which is positive for not having to strain your eyes or, if not, choose a smaller font so that more notes are seen on the screen.

Memory Helper, complete in general

Something that we liked about this work is that it is possible to see in the lock screen -when activated- the notes that are pending. This avoids having to fully access the terminal where Memory Helper is installed. All this is completely manipulable and the truth is that it is an addition that is most useful in our opinion. In addition, it confirms something that the work is always present: its operation it’s very fast in all types of terminals and, always, with great fluidity.

Finally, one of the surprises of Memory Helper is that there is the possibility of using gestures, which makes handling work much more comfortable (especially on devices with very large screens). Thus, deleting a note or access to edit it is achieved simply by doing the corresponding that is established in the application. Very useful.

Downloading the Memory Helper app

This application becomes an interesting option so that everything you have to remember is very present on your smartphone. If you want to get development, which is completely gratuitous, you can download it from both Galaxy Store like Play Store, the installation process being very simple. A possibility that is worth trying, but that has a somewhat limited number of functions.

Memory Helper Table