An unofficial app arrives in APK

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Do not throw the bells to the flight, as there are many ‘buts’ in this tremendous news. However, it marks the way forward to develop the application on Google’s operating system, and serves as a patch while completing the official arrival of Clubhouse.

What is Clubhouse

Anyone who knows the Stereo app must be very familiar with how this app works on iOS. Is a atypical social network in which no images are shared – neither photos nor videos-; only pop-up audios.

You cannot leave written or recorded messages, which allows not be aware of the mobile screen and that the conversations are more relaxed. Nor can you put ’emojis’ or ‘likes’, it is a kind of interactive podcasting which could also be defined as a kind of giant virtual roundtable in cyberspace.

It allows you to listen, through rooms or forums, people conversations who want others to hear what they say. When you enter a room, you can take your turn to speak and the moderator decides whether to give the floor or not. The key is that, when accessing the application, tastes and interests are defined, and a menu allows you to see the rooms that the algorithms select for the user based on their choices. All the information on the subject is detailed in the rooms, the matter being discussed. etc.

This Clubhouse app, is it official?

The momentary exclusivity of iOS and the access to the platform through invitations, make it a platform for a select club of listeners. All this remains with this adaptation to Android, which is far from an official development. Its APK is located in the GitHub repository.

Everything is carried out by a Russian programmer named Grigori Klushnikov, who has created this version named as Houseclub. His attitude shows what we indicated at the beginning of this news, that of taking the war on our own. This programmer shows his satiety by saying the following: “I got tired of waiting for Clubhouse for Android and wrote mine in a day.”


However, here comes another of the ‘buts’. And the developer explains that he only managed to implement a part of the basic functions, including viewing the list of audio rooms, listening to user conversations, communicating with visitors to the room and updating the list. of assistants in real time, among others. Therefore, You will not be able to create or moderate rooms, or receive notifications.

It is simply a kind of port for Android. In this way, we must continue to have an invitation or an account to Clubhouse from iOS to be able to access this app, since otherwise, it will not be possible. Regarding security, it seems totally normal and legal, although we must always take all possible precautions about protecting our identity.