An eSports manager simulator

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Table of Contents

The work belongs to U-Play Online, a developer that specializes in this type of genre. In fact, it has already launched other products such as Youtbers Life, a simulator of what a content creator of that platform experiences. We are going to mention in advance that the game is exclusively paid, bordering on 4 euros, which is not exaggerated for what it offers.

Esports Life Tycoon

Real but customizable equipment

It is a simulator that offers us to create and manage our own eSports team, controlling various variables that directly influence the club’s performance and that add realism to the experience. We will take control of all aspects of a club with these characteristics, with the aim of make it reach the top.

esports life tycoon teams

In the beginning, we have some of the real teams that compete in eSports, like G2, Heretics, Fnatic or PSG. However, our team will be totally new, being able to customize the image of the team, from the shield to the players’ kits. There are two game modes, in which we can either develop our career as a manager, or perform challenges to see our capabilities as CEO of the team. Obviously, the most attractive is the first, which we are going to see more thoroughly.

esports life tycoon avatar

The following will be create our character in an editor that stands out for the variety of elements it contains to personalize the avatar, even with accessories from official brands. Our objective is clear: to take the team from the Bronze League to the PRO League. It should be noted that when we name the team and put a shield and a kit on it, we can customize elements of the clothing and even the personal data of each of the members.

How Esports Life Tycoon works

Among our tasks we will find very diverse objectivesSome more directly related to the performance of the team and others more indirect, but just as crucial. We will have to manage signings of new players, and decide what measures to take with those who do not meet the objectives. Likewise, we will be responsible for training with them so that they perform in good condition, as well as ensuring that they have a good diet and have psychologists to advise them.

esports life tycoon house

On the other hand, we can expand and modify our house gaming, to make our players happier and give better results. As if it were a Sims game, in addition to physically modifying the house, we can hire specialized personnel to provide different services, such as marketing specialists, trainers or psychologists. All this will have an impact on the morale of the athletes, and, by extension, on their performance in the game.

esports life tycoon tasks

In the analytical part, the game includes several aspects that we must monitor such as the morale meter, the analysis of the game of rival teams or developing our own team tactics. With all these variables affecting the final result, we will have to participate in simulated MOBA games, in which our team will play better or worse depending on our management of it.