An era is ending, goodbye to Yahoo Answers

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The question and answer portal will remain in read-only mode until May 4, when it will disappear permanently.

An era is ending that saw, in particular, users born in the 80s and 90s as protagonists. After about 16 years of activity it closes Yahoo Answers, the free question and answer site on any topic. As of April 20, it will no longer be possible to enter questions, then, as of May 4, the closure will be total: this means that the platform will no longer be available, even in read-only mode.

Goodbye to Yahoo Answers

However, it will still be possible, until June 30, for each subscriber to download their own content, that is, the list of questions and answers asked over time, as well as all the images uploaded. Confirmation of the closure comes after a series of rumors, with a message visible directly on the site’s home page. «The Yahoo Answers site will be closed on May 4th and of April 20th 2021 will be in read-only mode. – it says – No changes will be made to other Yahoo properties or services or to your Yahoo! account. You can find more information on how to close Yahoo Answers and how to download your data from the help page ».

Yahoo Answers closes-2

The closure of Yahoo Answers follows that of Yahoo! Groups dating from the end of 2019. The company has not yet explained the reason for the desire to cancel the popular service, which is also increasing with the covid, after which over the years it has lost the popularity of the one that enjoyed. in the first decade of 2000.