An arcade game with the essence of the 90s

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There are few things that get your adrenaline pumping like riding a bike and do all kinds of pranks in the air As we descend down the mountain Now BMX fans can also enjoy this type of cycling in the virtual world by downloading this title from the Runner Games studio.


A simple but engaging arcade

BMX Boy is an incredibly addictive game of racing and stunts over one bmx bike. From the same creators of the popular Skater Boy, this game of pirouettes on two wheels he is practically pinned to his skateboard twin, and like this one, he will give you long hours of dangerously addictive fun on his 90 levels different.

It is a simple 2D BMX cycling simulator in which we will control an intrepid cyclist while we pick up speed and perform lots of pirouettes in the air. This is not the most realistic simulator in the world, but it is tremendously fun.

The different BMX Boy circuits are grouped into three scenarios different: the field, the desert and the snow, and in all of them your objective is to reach the goal with all the bones in place. The dynamics of the game is very simple and only requires pressing the left button to speed up and in the right to jump, but the action of each circuit is frantic and, pedaling at full speed, you will have to be very attentive and have good reflexes to jump over cars, cows, flying saucers and rocky terrain that could puncture your wheel.

Freestyle pirouettes on BMX Boy

During your career, you will have to collect as many stars and trophies as possible to get the best score, which you can also increase by performing reckless pirouettes at several feet high. The stunts and tricks you’ll see on BMX Boy, based on real tricks of the professionals of this sport, they are performed automatically when you jump down a ramp or to avoid an obstacle; but the truth is that, even if you don’t control them, it is really fun to see how intrepid the cyclist is when you jump on a car that is approaching you and the guy takes the opportunity to do a “no hands” or a “superman” .

For it we will only need two buttons. By repeatedly touching the button on the left we will pick up speed, while with the one on the right we will be able to jump. Depending on the speed and the jump, we perform different types of tricks in the air. The more difficult it is, the more points we will get. As you progress, you will realize that we must accelerate more or less depending on the obstacle we encounter. In order to get more score in the jumps, we will have to repeatedly press the jump button to make special movements.

Lots of publicity and few controls in this 90s game

The BMX Boy graphics are extremely straightforward and the audio effects They are perhaps somewhat heavy, although you will appreciate some sounds that help you to predict impending obstacles with more time, such as cars, which beep before colliding with you, or cows, which moo before attacking you.

  • Simple graphics, but nice and fun.
  • Gradual increase in the level of difficulty of the stages.
  • Various stages with different challenges
  • Excess of advertising.
  • The game control is not very functional, you have to press the button to accelerate.

All of this is complemented by a delicious 90s aesthetic and a platform type proposal that will delight gamers with more classic tastes. If we want to enjoy BMX at any time and place without great complications, this is our game.

Music that accompanies us in the course of the levels can become repetitive, so if you want to be able to leave only the sound effects, because in this case they are well achieved and help to keep up with the game.