An application that generates wallpapers on your mobile: Tapet

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Use different wallpapers The default mobile phone is one of the ways to personalize the phone that many users in Spain use. On many occasions we can download the funds of other models, but also use fund applications. If you were looking for a different application, Tapet is what you need.

Tapet is an application that we have talked about previously, but it is a great option if you are looking for different wallpapers. This app takes care of generate wallpapers directly on your smartphone. So you will always have unique wallpapers on your phone.

Generate wallpapers on your mobile

Tapet create backgrounds

Tapet is an application that seeks to take personalization to a higher level than usual. The app will generate wallpapers directly on your smartphone, so that you get an exclusive background for your device. This background adjusts to the size of your screen, as well as its resolution, to always obtain the best possible result.

When you open this app on your mobile, you are already shown a background that you can use. If you want, you can change the color scheme on said background, by clicking on the color palette icon, to then select the desired palette or create your own color filters. In addition, we have the icon of the striped square, where we will see all the selection of funds available, some of them paid. We can choose a background that we like.

Tapet funds

In all the funds we choose, Tapet allows us to change the colors, so that we obtain a unique fund, which we have created. If you like a background you can save it by clicking on the save icon. You can also select it as your wallpaper by clicking on the icon in the central part. This allows you to always have a different background on your phone, also creating your own color combinations.

Tapet adjustments

One of the advantages in the app is that you can also select the intervals for the funds to be changed, so that from time to time you have a different background on your phone screen. You can also add effects or choose a different background for the lock screen on Android, for example. These types of options will help you customize the use of the application on your smartphone at all times in the way that best suits you.

How to download Tapet on Android

Tapet is an application that we can download for free from the Google Play Store on our smartphone. Inside we find purchases to have access to additional options, which are voluntary at all times. You can download the app from this link:

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