An Animal Crossing online for Android

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Table of Contents

And this game can be considered one of those developments that are very notoriously inspired by reference titles such as Animal Crossing, which is the case at hand in this article. However, it has its own elements and a serious and independent development line to the Nintendo game, although the design and mechanics remind us a lot of it.

Pocket Pioneers

Everything we can do in this copy of Animal Crossing

Pocket Pioneers is a game of life simulation, similar to Animal Crossing, in which we will have to create a character whose day to day we will direct. As in the Nintendo game, in this beautiful village there are many tasks to do and many friends to discover. This will make us have a great time while we grow food or complete challenges with our friends.

pocket pioneers manufacturing

In this life simulator we can create groups of up to six companions to get to know every corner of this universe in company. During the first few games, we will hardly have a small plot of land on which to plant our own carrots and other vegetables. However, little by little we will be building new houses and making our way in this world full of surprising elements.

To move around each stage, just click on each of the tiles into which the terrain is divided. In Pocket Pioneers we will meet many of the villagers and we can talk to them to trigger new activities to perform. Alone or with the help of our friends we will complete very entertaining processes that will aim to get all the possible yield from crops and buildings.

pocket pioneers map

A game that proposes us to interact with multiple animals and characters with the intention of increasing our number of friends. All while we grow a multitude of food and overcome hundreds of missions that will aim to keep us entertained in each of the games we play.

Start an adventure in Pocket Pioneers

To start our story, the first thing we have to do is create a character, right? For this, we have a editor not very extensive, but large enough to comfortably customize the avatar. All we can edit is the face, with various profiles of different eyes and mouths; another tab to set hair and color; and other tabs to select clothes and create an outfit to our liking.

pocket pioneers editor

Already in the game, we will have an always routine tutorial where a deer will explain the intricacies of the village and how we can do the tasks. It will also give us a mobile, one more feature that is imported from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It gives us options such as the map with the buses available to travel, the mail, the friends we have in the game, the wallet and even a camera.

pocket pioneers tutorial

Finally, we will end up in what will be our house together with a small plot of land, which we will be able to improve and work on. Pocket Pioneers has the same isometric view as the one we have in Animal Crossing, with a fairly crisp graphics. The game is totally free, but with purchases integrated into it, something that no longer takes us by surprise at this point. A very sensitive element to purchases can be that of the Energy, that will be consumed as we perform tasks.