Among Us’s rival with improved graphics

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We are going to analyze this interesting proposal to the InnerSloth game, a development that continues with the foundations of Among Us, based on the simplicity and simplicity of the playable. A simplicity in this type of game that tends to be quite successful in the community.

The nosedive of Among Us

The exception to all of these is probably Among Us, a title that monopolized broadcasts from half the world since 2020 and remained among the most watched games on broadcast. But the trend has been downward over time.

Is The drop is explained by multiple factors, including streamer fatigue or the popularity of other titles, but it has also affected the lack of update and a new map that seems to never arrive. Therefore, it is not surprising that those looking to enjoy the experience take advantage of new options.

With the new map The Airship is a breath of fresh air for a game that suffered from tremendous wear and tear. It offers new possibilities and ways of running a game, but it does not seem that the pace of work is increasing due to the structural problems of the developer, with few programmers to launch new content more frequently.

What is

And that is where arises. It is a browser game that is still in the alpha phase and which the great streamers have already been playing this week. It is very similar to Among Us but has human characters and has many more customization possibilities, in addition to being able to make gestures with the avatar. In this case, End Game Studios has tried to improve the work of InnerSloth in aspects as simple as the gameplay or the graphics, which are presented to us in a much more detailed way, although without wanting to opt for the hyperrealism from which video games of the genre flee so much. party. departure

It also has more depth in its gameplay because it goes beyond the Crewman / Imposter duality. Here we have four profiles: on the one hand, they are Crewmate and Betrayer, similar to the crewmembers and impostors of Among Us, but there are two new ones: the Sheriff, that he can kill traitors but if he makes a mistake he will die too, and Jester, who wins if he manages to deceive others into believing that he is the traitor and they expel him. customize avatar

The game has the option to pair with players of the same language and even having a list of friends to form your groups more easily. It also offers the possibility of moving with the keys and the mouse and the best of all is that it is completely free to play from any browser. But it also has versions for iOS and Android, so its availability is total on any device.

Differences with Among Us

The title is so polished that it has the same gameplay as Among Us, skins and even a review of the roles that can be played on the ship, in addition to the impostors. A differentiating element is that new roles are added here, such as «Sheriff«, That you can get more information for catch the impostorBut if you make a mistake and kill a crew member, the game is over. Similarly, the «Pranksters», who should pretend to be impostors to fool the other players.

The most striking thing is that the creators of this have turned to the point of offering you exclusive skins for content creators, a plus to further engage the community. Without a doubt, they do not want to fall into the same error of Among Us, in that neglect of launching new content making the game hackneyed and repetitive. tasks

As for the traitors’ sabotage, not only will they try to boycott electricity or oxygen as in Among Us, but the characters themselves can also be affected, such as, for example, leaving them dazed or clueless, so that the joystick is reversed. The whole game is packed with random components so that the games do not become monotony personified.

Apart from the graphical difference, a visibly evident section, the route of the map is quite different. The resolution of tasks is similar, with very simple and fast puzzles, although the dimensions of the map are abysmal, to such an extent that there are two floors in the building. settings

The recreations of the rooms also deserve a new point, with a much higher level of detail. On the other hand, we have some settings where we can detail the level of graphics so as not to suffer a fall from frames, apart from other options such as pairing, the vibration of the terminal or that a click appears when we press the screen.