Among Us, how to play as a crew member and beat the impostors

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Table of Contents

Crewmembers don’t always get their way, despite outnumbering impostors and having the goal of accomplishing simple and quick tasks. It seems easy, but the difficulty is that they do not kill us and be able to complete the missions before they see our body scattered on the ground.

Among us
Among us

What does a crew member usually do?

Everything in this game is simple to understand and carry out, so being a crew member was not going to be less. All the companions of the ship have a series of tasks to fulfill, to fix the problems of the same and thus find out who the traitors are that are infiltrated. The tasks are very simple, such as swiping a card through a reader, fixing cables, pressing a button or dragging objects from one point to another.

among us crew member

Besides, his second performance is in the meetings, where each death of a partner becomes an opportunity to discover the impostor and win the game. Like all players, crew members have a chance to hit the rendezvous button if anyone has a clue or clue of the undercover killer.

How to win the game as a crew member in Among Us

There are several guidelines that we must follow to be a good crew member and not look like a real noob to friends or strangers in a public game. We always recommend watching some videos about the game to see how it is played, especially knowing how the maps are laid out and knowing the location of each mission.

Don’t stop the tasks in Among Us

Look at her list on the left of the screen and complete tasks little by little while still being alert. If all the crew members imitate the same steps, we have already said that we will be able to finish the game and discover the impostors, if we had not yet managed to expel them.

crew member among us tasks

Yes, we must do the tasks with cautionMany of them require some time and that leaves us exposed to the impostor. Better do them if we are completely sure that no one will catch us in the back unaware.

Observe all the players in the game

It is difficult to carry so many things forward, but in the games of Among Us there is not, at first, friends to trust. We must look at numerous details. For example, if someone reports a corpse and there was a player with us at the time, that may be a potential crew member.

In the same way, there are gestures, movements and behaviors that can indicate that we already know who the impostor is:

  • Some they move erratically, they do not perform any type of task or take too long to complete them, even if they do not actually do any.
  • If we see characters squeezing through the vents We will know that they are impostors and we will be able to accuse them with evidence.

among us trapdoor imposter

  • Imposters can travel very fast between staysIf we notice something strange, we must begin to suspect.
  • Of course, if we see an impostor perform a murderWe must raise the alarm at once and tell the others, or we will die trying.

Even being dead crew members, we must not stop playing

When dying assassinated by the impostor we become a ghost that roams the stage. We must not throw in the towel yet, because the game is not over. Although we cannot participate in the voting or in the discussions (those who remain alive will not read us), it is still possible to help them with tasks. Also, being a ghost, you will go through walls and be much faster.

among us ghost crewman

The only thing we will not be able to do is, apart from intervening in the meetings, fix sabotage. We can only do our remaining tasks and then observe. With the advantage of going through walls, we can more easily navigate the map.

Using surveillance cameras

We must bear in mind that we will be exposed to the murderers if we see the cameras, but it can be a great tool to catch the imposter. That said, there are rooms of the maps that allow us to access surveillance cameras to monitor areas quickly and take a look for the impostor. Going to observe from the cameras from time to time is not a bad idea since We could hunt down the impostor by killing