Amazon will launch a new Fire TV Stick 4K: these are the changes

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Amazon will launch a new Fire TV Stick 4K: these are the changes 1

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K was launched in Spain almost three years ago, but until now it had no successor. It seems that this is going to change this year with the launch of a new model, which has already been leaked. There are still many doubts about this new device, because it is not known if its hardware will also be changed, such as a new processor.

The first image showing the box of this Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K It was recently leaked, ahead of its next release in Australia. Only the TV Stick Lite is sold in this market. So everything has to think that the next model that Amazon would launch is one with 4K, which would be the new generation of it.

A new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K on the go

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

In the box you can see the design of the new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, which shows no changes compared to other models in this range of the American manufacturer. Where you can see a change is in command, with an Alexa button now in blue, which makes it easier to know what it is. There are dedicated buttons for Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Amazon Music, and Disney + on it, too.

There is also a new Channels button, which was introduced last year on the Stick Lite. Clicking on this button brings up a live channel guide that provides a grid view where you can view live content from whatever streaming application or service has been installed.

There is no data on this new Fire TV Stick 4K, although it wouldn’t be weird if Amazon has improved the processor of the same. The first generation of it, launched in 2018, uses the same MediaTek MT8695D processor and Imagination GE8300 GPU, as the Fire TV Stick (1080p) and the Fire TV Stick Lite officially launched last year.

The 4K model has a higher RAM than the other models (1.5 GB vs 1 GB), but has worse benchmark scores for CPU and graphics, as mentioned by various media. This would make it the perfect time for Amazon to put a more powerful processor in it, for better results. We will have to wait for next leaks or for Amazon to finally make this new Fire TV Stick official soon.

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