Amazon Valentine: All Fire TV and Amazon Echo Deals

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Table of Contents

Amazon Valentine: All Fire TV and Amazon Echo Deals 1

Amazon Spain products are on sale today for Valentine’s Day. If you like giving away technology on these dates or were simply looking for an excuse to get some of the best products from Amazon, the latest offers on devices from the company are worthy of attention.

Although almost none of them come to surpass those of Prime Day or Black Friday (to a large extent, they come to equal them) they are quite interesting offers, such as the fourth-generation Amazon Echo Dot with a clock. We tell you which are the best.

Amazon Valentine’s Deals: Fire TV, Amazon Echo, Kindle, and Ring

Amazon Valentine: All Fire TV and Amazon Echo Deals 2

Amazon Fire Sticks are one of the best options for turning an old television into a smart TV. These devices have the Amazon Fire OS operating system, based on Android and with access to most streaming applications available in the market. These devices include a remote with a microphone from which we can use to control the television with Alexa.

The integration with Alexa in the Fire TV goes much further, since if you have an Echo speaker you can control the television from it and even create a group of speakers with all the Echos you have to assemble a sound system that brings out the best of the Fire TV.

For 25 euros, the Fire TV Stick Lite is the best option for older televisions, while on modern televisions the Stick 4K and Cube are your ideal option.

  • Amazon Fire Stick TV Deals:
    • Fire TV Stick Lite for 24.99 euros.
    • Fire TV Stick for 29.99 euros.
    • Fire TV Stick 4K for 39.99 euros.
    • Fire TV Cube for 89.99 euros.

Amazon Valentine: All Fire TV and Amazon Echo Deals 3

Amazon speakers are also on sale. The most attractive offers would be the fourth generation Echo, highlighting the model with a clock as a great alarm clock for the bedroom, as well as the standard Echo as one of the best speakers for its relationship between smart features (with Alexa and integrated Zigbee switchboard), sound quality and price.

  • Amazon Echo Deals:
    • Amazon Echo Dot third generation for 34.99 euros.
    • Fourth generation Amazon Echo Dot for 39.99 euros.
    • Fourth generation Amazon Echo Dot with clock for 49.99 euros.
    • Fourth generation Amazon Echo for 79.99 euros.
    • Amazon Echo Show 5 for 54.99 euros.
    • Amazon Echo Show 8 for 84.99 euros.

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