Amazon to Launch Wall-Mounted Echo Smart Display

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Amazon to Launch Wall-Mounted Echo Smart Display 1

The Amazon Echo speaker range It is quite popular in Spain, with a good variety of models to choose from, with its fourth generation available recently. The brand continues to work on new devices for its range, which will not be just traditional speakers to put on a table or surface.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon is currently working on an Echo device that would be mounted on the wall. Instead of being a speaker, the manufacturer would leave us with a smart flat screen, which would act as a control center for other devices in the home.

A new Amazon Echo for wall

Amazon to Launch Wall-Mounted Echo Smart Display 2

This new device is being developed by the Amazon Lab126 hardware division. This flat smart display would come with a built in camera and mic, allowing you to make calls and video calls at all times. The screen would have a size between 10 and 13 inches, since the brand has not yet made the final decision on that size.

This device would be a change from previous Echo models, designed to be placed on a surface at home. The firm’s plans would go through to launch this device at the end of the year, facing the Christmas campaign. Although it could be delayed and it would not be until next year when it goes on sale. Nothing has been mentioned about its possible launch in Spain, although it is presumably that it can also be purchased in our country.

Amazon would be thinking of putting a price between 200 and 250 dollars for this device. This would bring it to a similar price point to the Echo Show, the manufacturer’s screen speakers, which are the most expensive in the high-end range. It could be something that limits your success in the market.

So far the company has not confirmed the existence of this device, so it is still possible that it will never end up in stores. If it is planned to launch it at the end of the year, we should not take long to know more about this model.

The entrance Amazon will launch an Echo smart screen that is placed on the wall appears first in The Free Android.