Amazon renews its range of devices: Echo and Echo Dot, Echo Show 10, Fire TV Lite and more

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Table of Contents

Amazon Echo 2020

Amazon today held an event, where they have presented their new range of products. The firm leaves us with the new generation of its Echos, thus increasing the presence of Alexa, which is now already in the car, also in Spain. The events of the firm are known to leave us with a large number of products, so there is interest to see what they leave us on this occasion.

The firm leaves us with the new Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. The second also comes in several versions, because we have a normal version, one with a clock and for the first time they leave us with a version for children. The change in the shape of these new speakers stands out notably.

New Amazon Echo and Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot and Dot with Clock

The change of shape or design of the same is the main novelty, since they have become a sphere shape. At the top, where the speaker is located, there is a cloth that covers it. While in the lower area we have an LED, which will light up when we give a command to Alexa. These speakers stand out for their premium adaptive sound and are also integrated with Zigbee. A key feature is the lower power consumption. Alexa is also improved, with a more natural voice and with the ability to learn specific commands that adapt to our situation.

The Amazon Echo arrives with an AZ1 neural edge processor, which consumes 20 times less power and also has the ability to process conversations twice as fast, consuming 85% less memory. The brand has confirmed that it will launch with a price tag of $ 99.99.

Along with this speaker, the Amazon Echo Dot has been presented. We have a normal version and one with a clock, which has a series of LEDs on the front where the time will be indicated. This is the difference between the two versions of this new brand speaker. The regular model will be priced at $ 49.99 and the watch version will be slightly more expensive, priced at $ 59.99.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids

There is also a third variant, what is the Echo Dot Kids Edition, which has various designs with animal faces. This model is intended for children, as can be seen from its name. The purpose of the faces of these animals is that Alexa can read with the child, so that the assistant becomes the child’s reading companion. This version will also cost $ 59.99.

Echo Show 10

Echo Show 10

Amazon’s screen speaker is renewed too. It comes with a 10-inch screen size, to be able to navigate, since it is compatible with video calling applications such as Zoom, as well as streaming platforms such as Netflix. The front camera of the same is 13 Mpx, to be able to make these video calls.

It is its rotation system the highlightSince this model comes with built-in artificial intelligence, which knows we are a person. Therefore, if we move during a video call, the screen will rotate automatically, so that we are always flat. This screen will also rotate when we are watching something on Netflix or following a video of a recipe. This speaker is going to launch with a price tag of $ 249.99.

Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

It was already rumored after the leak today, but now it is made official. Amazon leaves us with a Lite version of its Fire Stick TV. The basic model is renewed and becomes more powerful and they now leave us with a cheaper version. These two also come with a new design in the user interface on the TV, which will also reach the rest of the devices in the Fire TV family with an update that will be launched soon.

The Fire TV Stick becomes more powerful, with HDR support, Solby Atmos sound and also has a remote control with support for Alexa. The knob maintains its design in this case. Its price has been confirmed to be $ 39.99.

Fire TV new interface

Together with it they leave us with the Lite version, which uses the same processor, but a different controller. The volume and mute buttons have been removed. In addition, an icon of a tv with an antenna is inserted into the remote, which gives access to the programming from the Fire TV Stick interface. This second model arrives for $ 29.99.

Eero 6 and Eero 6 Pro

eero 6 and 6 Pro

They also leave us with new models of the eero range, with two models this time. The main characteristic of them is that they already come with WiFi 6. In addition, it is also mentioned that Amazon seeks to bring Smart Home functions in these routers.

They come from $ 129.99 in price.

New Ring

Ring Always Home

Amazon also renews its range of Ring cameras with several models. One of them is the Ring Always Home Cam, designed to be used indoors, since it is a kind of drone that will record everything that happens in your house. If a noise is heard, it will start to fly in the direction of that noise it has heard. You can see it in the app and thus know if something happens.

Models for the car are also launched, designed to give additional security in the car. Amazon has also announced an agreement with Tesla.

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