Amazon gives you 6 euros for free for your purchases: this is how you get them

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Amazon gives you 6 euros for free for your purchases: this is how you get them 1

Amazon is the most popular online store in Spain and They are giving away 6 euros for purchases for many of its users. A coupon of 6 euros with which you can save on your purchases in the store, although there are a series of requirements to be able to obtain this coupon. It is not the first time that the store has carried out a similar action, so it is a good opportunity.

This is a promotion that began on January 4 on Amazon and that will be active until March 31, 2021, so there is time to benefit from it. In order to obtain this coupon of 6 euros we will not have to do anything complicated, the process is simple.

Get a 6 euro coupon at Amazon Spain

Amazon discount coupon conditions

What we have to do is simple: buy a 50 euro gift voucher for the first time. To do this we will have to enter the Amazon website and perform a series of steps there. It is very important that we click on the “Benefit from the promotion” button before you proceed with the purchase, because otherwise you will run out of the coupon in question.

When your participation has been registered, you will have to proceed to purchase that check, which must be at least 50 euros. These checks you buy at the store may be for you, but you can also give them to other people. In fact, there is a section to be filled in by the recipient, so that it is then sent to that specific person. Once that order is placed, the promotion will be applied to your account within 48 hours.

Amazon gift voucher

Amazon will send you an email confirming the order and that you will benefit from the promotion and it will be in a second email where you will be sent that coupon of 6 euros discount. You are given until June 29, 2021 in order to use this coupon, which will be applied automatically to your account. That is, it will be shown at the end of the order, before paying.

The discount applies only to products sold by Amazon. Excludes all digital content, eBooks, Kindle, gift certificates, reconditioned products and products sold by third parties. In addition, this discount is applied only using the basket, not with the option to buy in one click in the store.

The Amazon ticket gives you 6 euros free for your purchases: this is how you get them, it appears first in The Free Android.