Amazon already sells its own televisions: cheap and with integrated Alexa

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Amazon TV

Amazon is not only one of the best-known online stores in Spain, but it also has also with a wide range of own products. From its Echo speakers to its Fire TV, or its tablets and its Kindle, the brand’s products are known among Spanish users. Its product range continues to grow now with its first own televisions.

Amazon already launches its first televisions in India, two new models within its Basics range. The firm leaves us with cheap televisions, but with good specifications, such as 4K resolution or compatibility with its assistant Alexa. So they promise to be popular options in their price segment.

First Amazon TVs

Amazon TV measurements

Amazon has opted directly for large-format televisions, one 50 inches and one 55 inches in size. The two are identical, except for the size of the panel. Both TVs have 4K resolution, as well as Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and HDR10 + HLG. They also have integrated DTH, in order to watch television with a standard socket.

As expected in a device of the brand, your assistant Alexa makes an appearance. On the control of both televisions we find a button dedicated to Alexa, in addition to being able to interact with the assistant in the same way as in other devices. We can give you specific commands, such as changing the channel, raising or lowering the volume, playing music, viewing weather information and many more.

Amazon integrates several dedicated buttons on the control of these two televisions. These buttons are for Netflix, Prime Video, Amazon Music and other applications that can be installed on the TV. In addition, the controls have special navigation buttons with which to move around their interface, which is usual in this type of device.

Amazon tv remote

The two televisions have two ports, one USB 3.0 and one USB 3.1 and three rear HDMIs. The installed operating system in them it is Fire TV OS, the system of the American firm. Its great advantage is that it thus has full integration with your Alexa assistant.

Price and availability

India becomes the first country where these Amazon TVs are released. Nothing is known about its possible launch in Spain or the rest of Europe, but we hope to hear more soon about the manufacturer’s plans. Both models are already launched in India, with confirmed prices of:

  • The 50-inch model costs 31,999 Indian rupees (about 360 euros to change).
  • The 55-inch model is priced at 36,900 Indian rupees (about 415 euros to change).

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