Amazfit T-Rex Pro analysis: maximum resistance on your wrist

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Zepp Health, the company that we used to know as Huami, continues to launch proposals for smart watches of various types. We could say that it is the company that has the best catalog for all users.

They range from inexpensive products like the Amazfit Band 5 to high-end watches like the Zepp Z.

And within that catalog it also has ultra-resistant watches, capable of withstanding temperatures of more than 70 degrees or of submerging dozens of meters in water.

The new Amazfit watch belongs to this type. Is named Amazfit T-Rex Pro and we have used it for a week.

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Features Amazfit T-Rex Pro

  • Screen:
    • Diagonal: 1.3 inches.
    • Form factor: Circular.
    • Technology: AMOLED.
    • Resolution: 360 x 360 pixels.
    • Coating: tempered glass and anti-fingerprint protection.
  • Health monitoring:
    • Heart monitoring all day.
    • Measurement of oxygen saturation in blood.
    • Sleep tracking.
    • Multiple training modes.
  • Smart features:
    • Playing music.
  • Drums:
    • Up to 18 days on a full charge.
  • Endurance:
    • Water resistance up to 10 atmospheres (100 m).
  • Dimensions:47.7 x 47.7 x 13.5 mm.
  • Weight: 59.4 g.

A robust design, very robust

Amazfit T-Rex Pro analysis: maximum resistance on your wrist 1

This watch has not surprised as much as its predecessor because it has not changed much on the outside. However, if we compare it with other smart watches, the differences are obvious.

We have a 1.3-inch screen with a remarkable crown that also protrudes from the glass. This can be strange when using the touch screen, but protects the watch from shocks.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro analysis: maximum resistance on your wrist

Keep in mind that this type of watch is designed to be used in extreme situations. Not in vain supports 10 ATM water dives (100 meters)Strength, military certification and even removing the straps requires a small screwdriver or wrench.

The idea is that it is not easy for it to hook on either side and fall off our wrist.

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro has 4 physical buttons

Amazfit T-Rex Pro analysis: maximum resistance on your wrist

The design also draws attention to the presence of four physical buttons, two on each side, as a complement to the touch screen.

This choice makes perfect sense because we might want to use the watch in circumstances where the screen is unresponsive, wet, dirty, etc.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro analysis: maximum resistance on your wrist

Although I have not carried out risky activities, I have found myself using these buttons in a normal way, although the position of the chosen one to return (each one has its name on it) has been somewhat uncomfortable, perhaps because I wear the watch on my left wrist.

A bright screen

Amazfit T-Rex Pro analysis: maximum resistance on your wrist 2

The panel used in the Amazfit T-Rex Pro uses OLED technology, it has a 1.39-inch diagonal and a sufficient maximum brightness, something very necessary since it will be outdoors where we use this type of smartwatches the most.

The touchpad responds well and the interface has changed slightly. Now we have the notifications in the left area and the configurable cards below. There we can have the most relevant information shown to us, such as the weather, pulse measurement, etc.

The only thing that has not convinced me is that the turning movement to activate the screen, although it exists, is not as fast as in other models. Of course, it is appreciated to be able to turn on the screen by pressing any button.

The expected functions

Amazfit T-Rex Pro analysis: maximum resistance on your wrist

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro does not differ in the software section from other watches. Yes we have a face to control the phases of the moon, or integration of the buttons to snooze alarms, for example, but there are not very distinctive options.

Can record more than 100 types of different exercises, measure sleep, pulse, blood oxygen saturation, etc.

Options such as the control of mobile music are maintained (although it has not worked for us, surely due to an error that can be solved by updating the software) or the call notification, but unlike the Amazfit GTS 2, we do not have a speaker and a microphone to be able to speak, something that would be of interest when we are rowing, or climbing, or doing other activities.

One of the largest autonomies seen

Amazfit T-Rex Pro analysis: maximum resistance on your wrist

Amazfit promises up to 18 days of total autonomy with normal use, although the reality will be closer to two weeks of use at times. Still, it is one of the watches with more battery that we have tested.

Obviously, if we use GPS, the battery will go down much faster, giving us about 40 hours. With medium use, we will get closer to ten days.

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is a unique watch

Amazfit T-Rex Pro analysis: maximum resistance on your wrist

It is possible that this is the watch that I would recommend the most to a very specific user niche, and least to the rest.

I have some friends who would be delighted to wear this watch on their wrist when they go hiking, running, climbing or canoeing. Obviously, if we never do sports and work in an office, Amazfit has better options.

Of course, if we value a lot the resistance in a watch, the autonomy and its sports functions, there is no better option than the Amazfit T-Rex Pro for the 170 euros that it costs.

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