Amanda Rosenberg has bewitched Sergey Brin: she is the new Lady Google

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Google’s co-founder has lost his mind over the 27-year-old young marketing director of oriental origin

A few months ago he separated from his wife after 6 years of marriage and 2 children and now Sergey Brin seems to have lost his mind with the company’s chief marketing officer, Amanda Rosenberg. The two would have deepened their knowledge during New York Fashion Week, where they both wore the new technological glasses launched by their brand.

Twenty-seven, Anglo-Chinese (English father, Hong King mother), cunning and cheerful face, Rosenberg is the new flame from the millionaire co-founder of Google. To break the news the Daily Mail that also interviewed the girl’s ex-boyfriend, Ewan Butler, who commented in no uncertain terms: “Amanda is a beautiful girl and she knows it. And she’s good at exploiting men. has it. already done with me “.

Anyway, as stated by the ex (and it is not hard for us to believe him) the beautiful Chinese, more than love, would point to Brin’s assets that exceed 22 billion dollars. A real fortune that, however, he will have to share with his ex-wife in the event of legal separation in all aspects.

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Amanda Rosenberg the new Lady Google

Gone are the days when Amanda Rosenberg was lonely and heartbroken in San Francisco. Just a year ago, she herself commented on her blog about the loneliness and boredom of the new American life after moving from London. Days spent in the office working, little social life, I even avoided going to corporate parties because I was completely friendless. Then he knew how to recover Amanda in a big way and, attentive to the saying “Better alone than in bad company”, he considered it appropriate to seek the company of an ultra millionaire. Better than this…