All widgets and what they are for

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They are widgets that have not been in Google Maps from the beginning, but that have been added over time. Its arrival to the service has coincided with the development of new functions implemented in the mobile browser. Let’s see what they are for and what each one consists of.

Google Maps - Navigation and public transport
Google Maps - Navigation and public transport

How to activate Google Maps widgets on Android

It is not a complicated company to activate the Google Maps widgets, more than anything because it is a process that we have already done a million times with other applications or shortcuts. The operation is nothing more than getting to a specific option on Google Maps faster, as if it were a shortcut. However, it is basically an equivalent of entering the app, but with fewer intermediate steps.

To activate them, we simply have to stay on the terminal’s desktop and make a long press on the screen. Subsequently, some accesses are displayed in the lower part of it. One of them is “Widgets”, which is the one that interests us. From there, we have a whole list of widgets related to all the applications that are installed in the terminal. They are arranged in alphabetical order, so it is not difficult to find the Google Maps section.

We hold down the widget and drag it to the place where you want on the desktop. The access will be generated, of which some remain as is in the interface, while others open the app automatically, after dropping the widget on the desktop. We have to comment that Google Maps currently has five widgets on Android.

All mobile browser widgets

Among these five accesses, each one has a different function, which we are going to explain in an extended way below. We will show what each one is for, in order to get more out of the Google browser in its mobile version.

How to get

The widget How to get It is one of the most interesting, as it allows you to customize it more than others. After choosing it, a selection window is displayed where you must choose the route destination, mode of transport and additional options, as if you want to avoid tolls or ferries.

widgets google maps how to get there

After creating the widget, tapping on it the route is opened directly in Google Maps, from the current place and with the means of transport you will select (car, motorcycle, public transport or on foot). You can create as many accesses to different routes as you want, to have a quick way to start a route to your favorite places.

Share location

One of the most familiar functions for us, since it is something we do constantly on WhatsApp and on other social networks. Share location is a widget with which you can do just that, share your location in real time with other people. This widget has no options, rather it works more like a quick access to the location sharing feature.

widgets google maps share location

The widget is the equivalent of opening Google Maps, tapping on your profile picture icon, and entering Share location. If you are not sharing your location with anyone, you can do so by pressing Share location and then choosing with whom, whether they are contacts from Google Maps or in other applications. Remember that for this you must have the GPS activated, an element that is not always activated but that is essential for this task of sharing the location.

Driving mode

In addition to being able to make the main objective of Google Maps, which is to establish routes from a place A to a place B, in the browser it is possible to activate driving mode, which works like a GPS without a specific heading (although you can also add it easily). In this way, you will be able to see the road where we are going, the streets, the traffic conditions or the nearby points of interest, as well as possible works or blocked streets. All this without having indications, in principle.

When Google introduced driving mode, using it was as easy as using the floating Go button, although that button has been changed to the route selector. A new start mode driving mode it is with the widget. Instead of having to head to the tab To explore from the bottom menu and click on the button TO GO which appears in blue at the bottom right of the map, it will only be necessary to select this shortcut.

Nearby traffic

Every time we find more vehicles and more traffic jams. If you are in a hurry and want to see the traffic on Google Maps, you just need to activate the layer for it, so that it is shown superimposed on the map. That’s the long way, but Google Maps has a long way to go nonetheless. specific section for traffic, with cards with traffic jams in the area.

widgets google maps nearby traffic

After the latest redesigns of Google Maps, this section is virtually hidden, but you can continue to access it through its widget. The option of Nearby traffic it also allows us to start the driving mode to obtain traffic data while driving.

Friend location

Lastly, we have Friend Location, a widget where you can add to one of your google contacts. Tapping on it opens and shows their location on Google Maps, as long as that person is already sharing their real-time location with you.

widgets google maps location friends

If that person is not sharing their location with you, from this widget you can ask him to do it. They will receive a notification that you have asked them to share the location and, if they accept, you will see where it is on the map. It is something that we can do almost from any app, but without a doubt it has a much simpler process that allows us to share it to any application.