All Vivo mobiles in Spain already have Android 11

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Vivo X51 5G

Vivo made its entry into Spain last fall with the launch of several devices, among which the X51 stood out. Last November the brand announced that it was going to update its phones to Android 11, announcing the dates on which its models in Spain would have access to this update. A process that has gone smoothly.

All mobiles I live in Spain have already obtained the update to Android 11. Any user in Spain with any of the manufacturer’s mobiles can now enjoy the new version of the operating system, thus accessing all these functions in it.

Android 11 on all mobile phones I live in Spain

I live Y70

On January 5 updates were completed of Vivo phones in Spain, with the launch of the same for the Y11s, one of the four manufacturer models available in our country. This model has followed in the footsteps of the X51, Y70 and Y20s, which had access to the update to Android 11 in December on a stable basis.

They thus become the first manufacturer to have updated all their phones to Android 11 in SpainGood news for anyone who owns one of the manufacturer’s devices. Thanks to this update, you can enjoy all the new features of Android 11, maintaining its pure Android aesthetic.

Vivo has not made any changes, so we are with all new features that Google introduced in this new version of the operating system, such as direct access to home automation through the power button, the integration of multimedia content in the quick settings, improvements in notifications on phones, floating bubbles in messaging applications such as Telegram, better privacy management with new permissions or specific storage, among others.

Vivo is thus the first brand in Spain to have updated its phones to Android 11. 2021 will be a key year for the manufacturer, which will continue to launch new smartphones in our country.

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