All versions of Google Chrome for Android: what are the differences

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Table of Contents

All versions of Google Chrome for Android: what are the differences 1

Google Chrome is the browser most used for all those with an Android phone in Spain. Over the years the browser has been improved with many new functions, which enable significantly better use of the same in the phone. This browser is one of the key parts of the firm within the Android ecosystem.

If at any time you have searched Google Chrome on the Play Store, it is possible that you have noticed that there are four different versions browser. This was Chrome, Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev and Canary. Four versions of the same browser, something that can generate confusion for many users. Why are there four versions? What is the difference between these versions of the browser?

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

This is the stable version of the browserthe normal version of the same. It is a version that receives updates less frequently than the rest, because here are only throw those functions that have been tested and know for sure that they will give a good performance in the same. When it is known that a function is ready to operate without generating problems, then launches Google Chrome.

Is the version of the four that least is updated, since they normally throw a few minor changes every few weeks, while there is usually one major update every six weeks, although there is not a fixed frequency always. All the news arriving in a stable way, without any malfunctions.

This is the version that the majority of users have on your Android phone. Since this is a version secure, stable, and that is not going to give you problems in your functioning in the phone, unless one counted an exception. Although there are more waiting to try what’s new.

Chrome Beta

All versions of Google Chrome for Android: what are the differences 3

The beta version of Google Chromethe step prior to that the new features are released in the stable version of the browser. It is a version quite balanced, since we can test the new features before they go to make available in the stable version. In addition, they typically do not have hardly any bugs, it is pretty stable in general.

This is the version in which perform the final tests with the new functions. Normally, the functions can be tested in this beta a month before they reach the stable version, usually, but it depends of the updates. It also serves to give feedback to Google about the performance of the functions, usually to correct some small bugs, which can be solved quickly.

This version is updated every week, with minor changes, while new developments of importance typically take several weeks in reaching the same. A good version to go to testing the innovations that will come to Google Chrome before it is launched in the stable version of the popular browser, with no further risks or operational problems.

All versions of Google Chrome for Android: what are the differences 4

Chrome Dev

All versions of Google Chrome for Android: what are the differences 5

Possibly the least well known of the versions of Google Chrome for most users. This is a version that it is primarily oriented to developers or advanced users, looking to be able to try the latest, although it suffers failures with a certain frequency. It is less stable than the previous two, but more stable than Canary. The idea is that you can give feedback to Google about the functions and innovations and the functioning in general of this version.

Some of the functions that are tested in this version never reach the Beta or the stable version browser. It seeks to test whether they are functional, if they are useful and whether or not problems in the browser, to decide whether to go or not to the next version. Is the main purpose of this release.

They usually update fairly often, although less than Canary. What is common is that each week or later than two weeks there is any new update available for Chrome Dev.

All versions of Google Chrome for Android: what are the differences 6


All versions of Google Chrome for Android: what are the differences 7

Chrome Canary version is more unstable browserthat is something that you will notice if you use on your phone. In this version of the browser is released with new features of all kinds, also the hidden or experimental, without having been tested. Unlike other versions, does not submit to manual testing, which does not have a control over the operation of these functions in this version, unlike in other.

This version is used for identify those failures that can lead to problems in the stable version of Google Chrome. In this way, developers will be able to fix them and prevent problems in that version. It is used as the place where you test any new feature, go to get it or not finally to the browser.

Canary is also the version that is updated most frequently of all. Automatically updated through the Google servers every time there is a new development code in Chrome, something that happens practically every day. If you have this version installed in Android you will see that it is updated with great frequency, almost daily.

Which version to install on Android

All versions of Google Chrome for Android: what are the differences 9

Now that we know more about these four versions of Google Chromeit is important to know what it is worth to install on Android. By default, most phones will come with the stable version of the browser installed by default, where we have to wait more to be able to enjoy the new features that are introduced in the same.

Install the beta version of the browser it may be most interesting for users who want to enjoy the news before they are released in the stable version, but want to in addition to a version where just failures of performance, which is something that in the beta there’s hardly any. So it offers a good combination between frequent updates and stability. If you have news ahead of time you are not interested or do not appreciate them both, the classic version is always a good option.

The versions Dev, and Canary are known to be unstable in its operation, in addition to be geared more to developersthat seek to test the new features as soon as possible. For an average user in Android are not especially interesting, unless you are curious to try them in any occasion.

Google Chrome Beta is the best match for an average user, especially those who have interest in testing new developments before time. Especially because it is very stable in terms of functioning, so it is not going to cause problems in Android. For most of you it will be the version to download on the phone.

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