All the ways to find the best flights on Skyscanner

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search skyscanner flights

The airplane it is the safest and most widely used means of transport in the world. Whether for leisure, work or any other need, searching the Internet is the main resource when it comes to finding a flight that suits us. Many people, even finding something that meets all their requirements, can spend a lot of time researching the network. In this sense, Skycanner It has established itself as one of the best search engines (if not the main one). But it is convenient to know well all the options that it offers us to get the most out of it. Next, we learn to find the best flights on Skyscanner, as well as several tricks that you can be very useful to us.

In the travel industry, the competition is absolutely brutal. And it is not for less, considering how accessible it is today to move to any place in the world with a fairly limited budget. There are many portals and websites that allow us to find flights. However, few enjoy the popularity of Skyscanner. This portal has been established in a spectacular way over the years, since it offers many options at really unique prices.

What is Skyscanner?

Skyscanner is a Search Engine Specialized in flights that started in the early 2000s. It also includes information on Hotels Y lodgings, as well as rent a car.

What Skyscanner offers

This web portal, which began offering the service of low cost companies, today compares more than 1,000 airlines of all the world. In just a few seconds, you are able to find the best deals sorted by price. It offers really long comparisons over time. From the days close to the search date, the entire month or even the year. It also has information from online travel agencies. With this you will avoid having a multitude of tabs open on your computer.

The benefits, in addition to those already mentioned, are multiple. Skyscanner has a competent tools on price alert. You will receive information to your email address when the flight you are interested in goes up or down.

It also includes comparative Annual and monthly, it searches for flights throughout the geography of a country without sticking to a specific place, it advises you on the ideal time to travel cheaper, it has all the low cost companies in its registry … And of course, it searches for flights around everything the world.

If you have any drawbacks, it is that some flights may change in price very soon. In no time, costs can go up. However, this handicap is common to almost all the websites in this sector. It should be remembered that it does not strictly depend on the search engine. Remember that Skyscanner is a flight comparator, not a company.

It is difficult to remove some more bad point to this portal, since little by little it is updated and solving the possible deficiencies that it may have.

Guide to finding flights on Skyscanner

Although Skyscanner offers you the option of choosing both origin and destination, one of the keys to get the most out of the search engine is the flexibility. Therefore, this web portal is also ideal if you opt for a random flight and want to let yourself be taken to the cheapest destination in the world.

Basic search engine

Travel back and forth

First of all, to become the tool, Skyscanner offers us the most basic type of search that we all usually know. That is, we choose the source, the destination, the passengers and the round trip dates. Once we activate the tab Look for, all the available options will be opened to us.

search skyscanner flights

Right from the start, at the top of the page we will get the best flights (cheaper and faster). But if we continue down, we will see many more details. We will know the available hours and, if it does not meet our expectations, the rest of the flights offered by the rest of the companies, schedules, prices, etc … will arrive.

Here the aforementioned option of Receive price alerts. Activate it and the comparator will keep you informed via email of all the news.

search skyscanner flights

On the left, you will now have a multitude of filters that will allow us to further refine the search. It is advisable to apply each filter individually and check, so it will be easier to compare the options that are presented to us.

  • You can choose direct flights, with one stopover or two.
  • Only airlines that offer flexible tickets can be displayed.
  • In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Skyscanner has included a filter on the security levels of each flight and company.
  • It is possible to stick to certain departure and return times, changing their time interval (in the case of a roundtrip flight).
  • You also have the option of selecting the flight duration that interests you the most.
  • Likewise, it is possible to select the airlines with which you want to travel, as well as the origin and destination airports.

Advanced search engine

Flexible places

As we have pointed out, one of the keys to getting the most out of Skyscanner is the flexibility. This is as easy to understand as you will let chance itself (rather the seeker) choose your destination.

Thus, after choosing the place of origin, we will leave the destination unmarked. We select the dates and actuate Look for. Then flight options will open to us to travel around the world. We will find a really competitive price list to all kinds of destinations organized by countries.

search skyscanner flights

Now, you just have to unfold each tab and choose a destination to your liking. We click on the flight that interests us and we will access a menu similar to that of the simple search, where we can set the filters.

It is also possible to make the destination more flexible. For example, you can choose one country as the place of departure and another as the place of arrival (or both options in the same country). give to Look for and you will find another list. Choose the flight and you can see if it fits your options.

Full month search

With the option of Full month search, Skyscanner will recommend the best dates to travel in a certain month of the year.

  • In this case, when you have chosen the origin and destination, go to the box of the Departure.
  • Here, instead of putting a specific date, select Full month in the dropdown. You can choose the cheapest month to travel, or for a specific month. Obviously, the first option will yield much better prices.
  • We do the same operation with the return date (in case of having chosen round trip) and click on Look for.
  • Now the calendars will appear with the flight results and their prices, both for the outward and the return journey. Right now, the choice is up to you alone.
  • When you are done click Show flights at the bottom of the screen.

search skyscanner flights

In this case, if in addition to the date, you are flexible with destinyYou will see that the price of the flights is really unbeatable. We advise you to experiment and gather options to check it out.

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