All the methods with which you can send images by Gmail

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Table of Contents

To send photos we usually use WhatsApp, Telegram or any other messaging application but it is also useful and recommended send photos by Gmail, images by Gmail so that they do not lose quality when sending them to someone or simply because you do not have that person’s phone number or you want to attach many photos. So, we explain all the possible methods to attach images to an email from Gmail: with link, from Google Drive, embedded, etc.

There are several methods to send an image through Gmail: we can attach it, we can upload it to Google Drive or we can send a picture with a web link in a Gmail email message. You can also take screenshots directly from the email itself to attach to the email. We explain how to carry out all the steps, how to send photos or images from Gmail following any of the previous methods.

Send attached photos or images

It is very simple and it is the most useful when sending any type of image through Gmail but also if you want to send documents in another format. You have the option to send it as an attachment as long as it does not exceed a certain weight.

  • Open Gmail on your computer
  • Log in if you haven’t already
  • Tap on the button “Write” from the corner overcome left
  • Write what you want in the email

In the bottom bar, you will see an icon of a paperclip. Tap on it to attach files. Once you click on the your computer’s browser will open. Find the photos or images you want and tap on “Open.” They will automatically be added as attachments to your email in Gmail. You can add as many as you want as long as the files nor exceed a maximum size of 25 MB.

Gmail attachments

As a Google Drive link

Gmail allows you upload one or more attachments in the same message but in total it is not allowed that the sum of all exceeds 25 MB. You also can’t upload a single 25MB file. Gmail will automatically convert it to a Google Drive link when you try to attach it. Something that is done automatically.

  • Follow the steps above: Open Gmail, sign in ..
  • Tap on Compose
  • Go to the clip to attach files
  • Choose the photo or image you want

A window will automatically appear in Google that explains that your files are being attached and that will be sent as links to Google Drive and not as files as such. Keep in mind that you may have to manage the files from Google Drive so that person can see them from your Google Drive folder, although there will usually be no problem if you use this method to send images through Gmail.

Attaching Google Drive

Insert photos

Another option to add images or send photos by Gmail is to drag it directly to that window. If you have the image at hand, just select it, keep the mouse button pressed and drag it to the Gmail “New Message” window. You can do it with a single photo but also with several. They will not appear as an attachment rather, they will appear in the body of the text, in full format, for the person who receives that email.

Drag files

You can also insert them, with the same effect, from the buttons of the email itself. Follow the steps above (open Gmail, compose a new message …) and go to the bottom of the mail window, where you will find a series of icons. Here you will see an icon of a photograph. Tap on it.

To attach

When you touch on the photo icon you will see a series of images that we can attach and that we can take from our albums from Google Photos or we can upload from the computer where we are.

Insert images

  • Tap on the image icon
  • Go to the “Upload” section


  • Select the photo you want to upload / Drag them to the window
  • Tap on “Insert” to complete the process

Attach photo

Send an image with a link

If you want to send a link instead of the photo as you see it in the previous cases, we can also do it. We must follow all the steps you have followed before: Open Gmail, compose a new message, go to New message … And tap on the icon of the photo that we see in the tools menu.

We select the image we want from our photos, albums or we indicate the image url to insert or select it from our HDD. With the image inside the body of the message, the next thing we have to do is click on it to select it and then click on the icon Insert link displayed at the bottom of the window next to the Submit button. We can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + K.


This will open a new window where we can configure the link that we want to add to our image. First we write the text to display and then we can choose if we want to add a link to a website or to an email address.

In this case, what interests us is the option Web address, therefore, we check or make sure that this option is checked and we write the url in the text box shown right next to it. From there, we have the possibility to test the inserted link to make sure that it goes to the site we want correctly. Thus, by sending the photograph we will make that person go to a certain website when they access it. We only have to send the email and those who receive it will be able to click on the image and go to the site that we have introduced.

Send screenshots taken from Gmail

Sending a screenshot by email is exactly the same as any other image as long as you have it on your computer. That is, you have it made in some location on the PC and you attach it by following any of the previous steps. But you may want to do it from Gmail itself without first saving it on your computer and then sending it.

To do this, simply add the Gmail Screenshot extension to our Google Chrome browser, which, as its name suggests, adds the possibility of capturing screen, retouch them and add them to our email without leaving Gmail. Therefore, the first thing we have to do is add this extension to the browser, something that we can do for free from this same link to the Chrome Web Store.


Once we have added the extension in Google Chrome, the next time we are going to compose a new email message from Gmail, we will see how a new icon next to Submit button that allows us to take screenshots and include them directly in the email message. When you click on this button, a window opens that allows you to choose if we want to take a screenshot of the entire screen, any of the windows open on the desktop or any of the tabs open in Google Chrome.

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