All set for the sale of Samsung Neo QLed super televisions: Italian prices

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The official status of the Korean giant arrived today. Super TV in 4 and 8K, the top of the range has a 75 “screen and costs 8,000 euros

The online pre-sale of the new Samsung Neo QLed televisions, premium line in 4 and 8K from the Korean giant, has started today, which sees the introduction of an innovative display technology, capable of enhancing the visual experience for any content you watch. As of March 15, therefore, it is possible to buy the new models:

  • QN900A: 75 ”(7,999 euros) – 65” (5,899 euros)
  • QN800A: 75 ”(5,999 euros) – 65” (3,999 euros)
  • QN95A: 65 ”(3,199 euros) – 55” (2,299 euros)
  • QN85A: 75 ”(3,699 euros) – 65” (2,599 euros) – 55 ”(1,799 euros)
  • QN90A: 75 ”(€ 3,999) – 65” (€ 2,899) – 55 ”(€ 1,999) – 50” (€ 1,799)

New Samsung Neo QLed TVs

Samsung’s Neo QLEd technology promises to improve the viewing experience for consumers, thanks to a spectacular image defined by the quantum processor Neo Quantum, which allows you to optimize any signal for the best possible view, using up to 16 different neural network models for unprecedented scaling, and from the new Quantum Mini LED with dimensions equal to 1/40 of traditional LEDs, to channel light where it is needed and enhance contrast.

Everything is precisely controlled by technology Quantum matrix, which doses the appropriate light intensity for deeper images. With ever-deepening blacks, brilliant colors, and ever-smarter technology, Neo QLED delivers absolutely lifelike images.

Samsung Neo QLED-2

Minimalist design

The Samsung 8K TVs, QN900A and QN800A, stand out from the rest of the family with an ultra-slim design at just 15 millimeters thick, and the high-end QN900A, thanks to the Infinity display, offers an even more immersive viewing experience. removing the frame and leaving up to 99% of the screen for images.

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