All One Piece games for Android

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In case you didn’t know, this famous series has been broadcasting and publishing comics non-stop for more than 20 years. With almost 1,000 chapters on screen, at the moment it does not seem that production will cease, since as we have said it has a very solid audience around the world. Currently it can be seen in Crunchyroll, and Comedy Central also airs some of the biggest movies in the series. Be that as it may, with these games that we tell you below, you can enjoy the adventures and fights of all the characters in the series at all times.

One Piece Treasure Cruise

This jrole play has more than 100 million of downloads in Google play. You will start from the beginning of the series, reliving all the most important moments and battles in all of history. Your objective will be the same as that of Luffy, Zoro, Nami and company: get the One Piece treasure. For this you will have to sail the waters of the Grand line in search of the loot.

You can build the largest crew of pirates with their more than 2,000 characters, being able to choose between heroes and villains of all the arches and islands of the famous series. The ideal is to recruit pirates Straw Hat, although our main objective is to get the strongest team. We can choose from other epic crews such as the Seven Warlords of the Sea, the Mink Tribe and many more to build an invincible crew.

In each trip you will have to fight against the most important pirates and marines of the series, being able to get hold of the most famous ships. Once you capture them, you can remove the sign from “Wanted” to go for your next goal. You will start with the Going Merry, the most typical of the series, passing through others such as Thousand Sunny or Shark Superb. All this with realism and 2D graphics that will make you fully immerse yourself in the One Piece experience.

The game system is very simple: it is a role-playing game by turns 6 player It features an intuitive tap battle system, guaranteeing you an ultimate experience. It also uses a unique beat-timing system to unleash chain attacks and combos, including special moves for all characters. If you manage to chain several, you will kill your enemies quickly. As you progress through the game, you will level up all of your characters until you become the most fearsome pirate in the ocean.

On the other hand, you can find a ton of items available to buy within the game. With them you will be able to obtain characters, objects and movements to advance more quickly, although the most traditional fans will bet on progressing step by step.


One Piece Bounty Rush

The next game has quite a different objective than the previous one. Here we will have to get the treasures in each battle to win. Here we can also choose from a lot of characters, although with a fairly small number compared to the previous title.

We met with two teams of 4 players who will fight to get the best treasures. Berry coins are essential to win a game, so in addition to killing our enemies, we will have to get as many as possible. To do this, you must bring together the most popular characters in the series, being able to combine them to get the most powerful treasure looting team. During the battle, you can collect fragments of other subjects to unlock them more easily.

Before the battle, you will have to develop a strategy to achieve victory. For this, there are three classes of characters: attackers, defenders Y runners. Each of them has special skills and tasks that will help you collect the best treasures. As you progress through the game, you will improve your level and the skills of the characters. In addition, you can award them medals to give them traits, which will serve to change the course of the battle as you act.

The graphics of the characters, the battlefield and the rest of the elements are very realistic, and are based on 3D images to guarantee you an unparalleled gaming experience. You will be able to fight in the most emblematic places of the series, such as the desert kingdom of Arabasta. You can also make purchases in the game to get the strongest characters, since it is sometimes difficult to obtain the fragments in fights.

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush
ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

OP Bon! Bon! Journey !!

We put the battles and the action aside to focus on a more relaxed title. In this totally free game, launched in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine, it is another title created by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. In fact, it quickly achieved great popularity that took it to the top gaming positions on Google Play in the months of March and April 2020.

Basically it is a game of puzzles in which we will have to align and break the most famous characters in the saga. We can find all kinds of them, from Luffy and all the members of the Straw Hat pirates to the most epic villains. You will start from the beginning of the series, and you will have to overcome the different levels set in the settings of the One Piece universe.

As we move forward, we will unlock characters to join our crew. Between some levels we can relive some of the scenes more epic, all with graphics in the style Candy crush. Best of all, when we find ourselves stuck at some level, we can use the special abilities to break as many rows and columns as possible. With this, we will obtain better scores and rewards.

At the end of each level we will meet the bosses, which will be accompanied by several henchmen who will protect him. When we gather 3 or more chocolates, which are the icons of the heads of the characters, we can attack them and make them jump through the air. As you level up, the difficulty will increase, which also generates more desire to play among users who start to enjoy this adventure. On the other hand, it also has in-game purchases, which will help us to acquire skills of a lot of types that will help us to advance more easily.


One Piece Project Fighter

The last title on the list has not yet come to light, although at the moment we know that it is a fighting game that will relive the most epic battles of the series, such as Usopp vs Kuro. They have not yet given the final list of the characters that will be available, but what is certain is that we will be able to count on the most important ones.

It’s about a beat-em-up lateral displacement that will have a joystick with the most typical controls for this type of video game. With the attack button we can use the movement or attack standard, which will include all kinds of blows with the arms and legs. On the other hand, we can also use three techniques or special abilities that will depend on our energy or health. In addition, it will include a movement of ending with which we can definitively end our enemies.

As for the graphics, the images that we can see in the trailer are really spectacular. All the movements, characters and settings are very close to realism, as if we were seeing it on the screen. At the moment, the release date is still completely unknown, although it seems that it would be to late 2021. Of course, there may be bad news for lovers of the series around the world, since rumors suggest that it will only reach China.