All evolutions by exchange

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Table of Contents

We have kept this evolution technique in mind in almost all the installments of this saga, whatever the console. Now we have it with a different style, but in essence it is still that exchange that once allowed the evolution of Pokémon.

Pokemon go
Pokemon go

Prerequisites for Exchange Evolutions

Also, not just any coach friend is worth it, since this entire process has a series of requirements. And is that to access these exchanges, we must have a trainer level 10 minimum, since without this we cannot even choose to evolve by this technique. Second, obviously have a friend added to make the exchange, who must also be less than 100 meters away.

pokémon go evolutions by exchange

Other requirements, less important but that we must also take into account in an exchange, is the mere fact of exchanging, which has a cost depending on the level of friendship we have with the other person. In addition, Pc and the health points They will vary depending on factors like this. The higher the level of friendship, the less genetics will be affected.

How Exchange Evolutions Work

It was a feature demanded by gamers and it certainly offers much more variety than the Pokémon title already has. It is a technique that Niantic has been polishing as time has passed, since in the past these exchanges also required a specific object like Stardust or some candy simply. Now that limitation disappears and we can make creatures pending reaching a new evolutionary phase materialize it if we make an exchange with a friend.

pokémon go evolutions by exchange

In short, there are three requirements to meet but what happens if we don’t have coaching friends or they are out of range? Well, we will have to use the candies again to proceed with these evolutions. Usually we will need 100 or 200 candies to apply the change to the next creature, although it depends on the case. After having met the requirements, we have to follow these steps to proceed with the exchange:

  • Meet one of your game friends in person
  • Access the tab “Friends” and select the friend with whom you are going to make the exchange
  • Touch “Exchange” to enter the menu and from there you can choose the Pokémon you want to exchange with the friend in front of you.

List of compatible Pokémon in evolutions by exchange

Another indirect requirement in Pokémon GO for exchange evolutions are the species that can intervene in this exchange process, since not everyone can participate. A clear example is that Legendary Pokémon cannot be exchanged with other coaches, as well as the Dark pokemon or those that have already been exchanged previously. Therefore, the creatures that can be accommodated in these evolutions by exchange are the following:

  • Kadabra (evolves into Alakazam). It has a cost of 100 candies.
  • Machoke (evolves into Machamp). It has a cost of 100 candies.
  • Graveler (evolves into Golem). It has a cost of 100 candies.
  • Haunter (evolves into Gengar). It has a cost of 100 candies.
  • Boldore (evolves into Gigalith). It has a cost of 200 candies.
  • Gurrdurr (evolves into Conkeldurr). It has a cost of 200 candies.
  • Karrablast (evolves into Escavalier). It has a cost of 200 candies.
  • Shelmet (evolves into Accelgor). It has a cost of 200 candies.