All chests, types and rewards

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We are going to show all the chests that exist in this RPG, how to get them and what they are for. We are also going to reveal the rewards offered by each of the types of chests, so that you can assess whether or not it deserves to go to them.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

What are Genshin Impact chests for?

Although it seems absurd to explain it, obviously they give us gifts that we can use in our character in different ways. Elements that will help us to progress in the adventure, and that we can look for almost from the beginning of our development in history. In fact, shortly after starting our adventure in Genshin Impact we will be able to open the first chests that await us in the magical world of Teyvat. Different types of rewards such as protogems, various materials and others await inside.

All chests, rewards and how to get them

What we need to know is that there are officially a total of 4 types of chests different in Genshin Impact (although we could add two more special ones for their methods to find them). Each chest has a rarity index and the rarer it is, the harder it is to find and the better its rewards.

Chest common

It is the simplest type, made of wood and not very polished. Simple artifacts await us inside (like the Lucky Eagle’s Feather, for example) and refined minerals, among many other things. They are replenished every day at 4 am, so we can find them practically anywhere on the map, some require you to kill a certain group of enemies in order to open them.

common chest genshin impact

Sophisticated chest

Also made of wood, but with iron finishes that make it more compact. Inside we expect various items such as simple weapons (Great Sword of the Warrior, for example), between 2 to 5 protogems, 20 or 30 Adventure Rank EXP, 4 Insignia (from the region in which it is located) and a random amount of Blackberries, minerals of fine refinement and some artifacts, also simple and therefore without exceeding 3 stars of quality and rarity, which always come in handy to use them in order to improve others.

Valuable chest

A type of high quality chest that looks like the luxurious one but has a more angular shape than the aforementioned round one. Inside await quality weapons and artifacts, 5 protogems, 30 Adventure Rank EXP, between 4 to 10 Insignia (from the region you are in) and a random amount of Blackberries among other minerals from a few rarity stars whose value is unquestionable.

They are hidden in different places and appear after defeating groups of enemies or completing some type of puzzle, world challenge or mission.

Luxurious chest

The best type of chest, in white and with gold finishes. They wait for us mainly inside Sanctuaries, so when we have the right keys we can go for them and receive 40 protogems plus high-quality artifacts, 30 Adventure Rank experience points, ingredients, refinement minerals, and more. They are unusual, they are very hidden after defeating groups of enemies or completing some type of puzzle, world challenge, missions or in the Sanctuaries of the Depths.

genshin impact luxury chest

Mysterious Seelies Chests

The Mysterious Seelies They are a special kind of being that you will find yourself many times exploring the world. They have a bluish color and are floating in the air, that when you approach them they move and in this way you can drive towards some stone pillars in which they are introduced. There are many chests that only appear in the world when you lead the Seelies to their pillars. Once this is done, the chest appears which can be of sophisticated, valuable or luxurious rarity.