All Batman games to download on Android

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Table of Contents

Games related to the Justice League

As many superhero fans already know, Batman is not a character who works independently. As in Marvel, it belongs to the DC Universe, where we have more heroes like Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, etc. On Android there are several games available where all these characters meet.

Injustice 2

Many of you probably know this game. It is a game starring the heroes of DC Comics, among which we find Batman. So he is not the exclusive protagonist of this game, in which we have a large number of characters from this universe. Something that makes it an entertaining and very varied game. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize above all the spectacular graphics that it has.

The center of the story is based around Batman and the insurgency’s attempt to restore society after the fall of the Superman regime; However, the arrivals of the newly formed supervillain group called “The Society” and the alien Brainiac force Batman to free the inmate Superman to help combat the threats. An interesting background for this horizontal fighting title.

Injustice 2

DC Legends: Battle for Justice

This is a game that is based on the dc comics superheroes. However, Batman plays a very important role in the story and therefore we have to include him in the list of the best batman games. What does this game offer us? It has a story mode, an online PvP mode, daily and weekly events. All very similar to Injustice, although with cartoon-style graphics and a turn-based combat mode.

DC Legends: Battle for Justice
DC Legends: Battle for Justice

Official Batman Games

In these titles we are going to find the Dark Knight in a solitary way, with all his personal plots and the enemies that always haunt him, such as The Joker, The Penguin, Riddler, Harley Quinn, Two-Face … A whole cast that we are going to meet in the lonely adventures of Batman.

Batman: The Enemy Within

Telltale Games is one of the most highly rated studios by consumers. Since they make quality games, with very interesting stories at all times. Something that is also reflected in this other game on the list. It is a game in which we focus on the history of the Joker. But we have numerous adventures and missions in it, so it is a most entertaining game at all times.

In addition, the graphics are very well done, which makes the gaming experience much better. It should also be noted that the controls are simple. The first five episodes of the game are free, but if you want to finish it, you will have to pay another four. It’s a bit expensive (15 euros in total), but at least it’s not a freemium game.

Batman: The Enemy Within
Batman: The Enemy Within

Batman – The Telltale Series

Another graphical adventure game produced by Telltale that is also very popular on Google Play. We are facing a typical adventure of said developer, where all our actions will affect the story, but here in Batman there will be a lot of action with scenes Quick Time Event. It consists of a total of five episodes that tell us a crude and violent story that will destroy the stability of Bruce Wayne and Gotham City

Clarify that Telltale Games’ model for publishing games is by episodes. I mean, it goes releasing parts with their corresponding price as time goes by. Until, after a while, the whole story is there. But we will have to continue paying for each episode that is released since they are different stories and therefore, an ‘almost’ different game.

Batman - The Telltale Series
Batman - The Telltale Series

LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham

It is based on the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, with graphically the same graphics and offering us the options of classic controls and touch controls. We will enjoy 45 levels full of action, platforms, puzzles and humor starring the over 100 characters from the DC Comics universe whose mission will be to stop the evil Brainiac in his attempt to destroy the earth. For this we will have to use the incredible powers and abilities of our Justice League.

LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham
LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham

Batman: Arkham Undeworld

It is a spin-off in the form of adventure from the Arkham saga in which we embody the dark side of Gotham, bringing together the most popular villains in the Dark Knight universe. What is the OBJETIVE? Build a base within Gotham City and defeat Batman. How do you do it? To fulfill the task you will have to hire thugs, complete story missions and much more.

On the other hand, we have to mention that it has an online PvP section, where you attack other people’s bases to gain experience and take over the city. It is completely free, but it is no longer in the Play Store, so we must download its APK.

batman under world

Batman vs Superman

On the occasion of the premiere of the film that was presented during 2016 in the great battle between two of the most important heroes of DC Comics, Warner released this promotional game for free. In it, we can embody any of the two superheroes of the film, while we travel speeding the streets of Gotham. As an endless runner, we will have to take all the items we find along the way, including the powers that will help us go further.

batman v superman

Batman: Arkham Origins

It is not entirely based on the Arkham title released in 2013 for consoles, but nothing like slip into the righteous bat suit and start handing out bullets to let off steam for a while of all the stress that a whole year of work has caused you. Fight deadly opponents, earn rewards, and upgrade your character to become stronger and more lethal to fight horizontal fights.

batman arkham origins

Batman: Arkham City Lockdown

The inmates have escaped and Batman faces the challenge of defeating his most iconic foes and an entire army of henchmen in Batman: Arkham City Lockdown. Patrol the rooftops and the seedy bowels of Gotham city through a series of head-to-head matches against Joker, Two faces and many more. Choose between various suitsy improvements for Batman and clean the streets with punches, kicks and deadly combinations.

batman arkham city lockdown

The Dark Knight Rises

She is the mother of the lamb, the icing on the cake. The Dark Knight: The Legend Rises is based on the plot seen in the film that bears the same name and which was released in 2012. Under the tutelage of Gameloft, we are faced with a game in which we must assume control of Batman and safeguard the dark city of Gotham of Bane’s evil plans, being able to enjoy the company of other secondary characters such as the curator Gordon or the singular Catwoman.

We have absolute freedom to move around the city, either planning or using some of the batman vehicles like the Batmoto or the Batmobile, with a recreation identical to that of the movies. This freedom allows for many hours of play, more than usual in this type of portable titles, being able to carry out a generous number of main and secondary missions.

the dark knight legend reborn cinematics

Emulators to play The Dark Knight on consoles

Whenever we review all the games of an iconic character or a historical saga in the world of video games, it is not uncommon for us to end up reviewing several titles that have marked an era on consoles, such as Batman Begins for PlayStation 2, Batman Forever for PSX, LEGO Batman from NDS or the PSP, among many others. To do this, we will need to download the appropriate emulator from Google Play, which will depend on the game we want and on the console that was launched at the time.