After the success of the Galaxy M, there will be a Galaxy Tab M

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 reviews-013

Samsung’s Galaxy M range of phones It has managed to make a niche in the market and has left us with various launches in Spain over the last two years, with the Galaxy M11 as the most recent to arrive in our country. This family of phones is within the mid-range and stands out for its reasonable prices, making it a success.

Initially launched in India, the country where is helping to improve Samsung sales, this range of phones has been reaching more countries, with good results. The results are so positive that the manufacturer will expand this range with more devices in 2021, including a tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy M range will grow with a tablet

After the success of the Galaxy M, there will be a Galaxy Tab M 1

Samsung is currently working on new devices for this range, which are expected to hit the market in 2021. One such device would be the Galaxy M62, with model name SM-M625F, which until now was thought to be a telephone. Although new data suggest that it is a compact tablet, which would be launched at the beginning of next year. In this way, it would be the first tablet in this range.

Until now nothing is known about the specifications of this tablet, although it surely stays in line with what we see in this range of phones. The Galaxy M family has become known for being a balanced range, with competent specifications, but maintaining very tight prices.

The phones that Samsung has launched in the Galaxy M range stands out for its large batteriesCompliant cameras, good resolution screens and simple designs, as well as fairly affordable prices that have helped make this range a success in markets like India. We might expect the tablet to retain some of these features, such as a great battery and a low price, to aid in good sales.

We will have to wait a few months until Samsung puts this tablet on sale within the Galaxy M range. It will probably be launched first in India, before a possible launch in Spain.

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