Adventure Companion in Pokémon GO: How to level up

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It is the whiting that bites its tail. The more we raise the level of friendship with our favorite Pokémon, the more rewards we can get. It is important to know the different levels that there are and how we can increase them, which we are going to do next.

Pokemon go
Pokemon go

What was an Adventure Companion?

Although we have already talked on more than one occasion about this new level of friendship between a trainer and a Pokémon, it is good to remember what this is about Adventure partner. It is certainly a system that basically works on spending more time with a specific creature and giving it the necessary care, as if it were a pet. Not everything is a bed of roses, since this friendship will require a level system to improve it, so we are going to comment on several tips on how to activate this function and progress in it.

play buddy pokémon go

We must attend to their care and meet various objectives together, such as catching new Pokémon or finding objects. If for some reason, this function does not appear, perhaps it is because we have deactivated the option of “Companion Talent”, located in the game settings menu.

To do this, the first thing to do is select a Pokemon from the companions menu Pokemon go to activate its companion status, and thus receive candies as you travel kilometers with it. The progress of distance traveled does not reset when changing partners, so you can do it freely without any inconvenience.

How to max out the level of your Pokémon in Adventure Companion

As you well know, our friend partner in Pokémon GO can reach four levels of friendship such as good partner, super partner, ultra partner and best partner. Specifically, the four states give us the following advantages:

  • A good companion is reached with a heart of affection: your friend Pokémon will follow you on the map With unique animations, you can also read their mood on the profile page.
  • Super companion to reach 70 hearts of affection: the friendly Pokémon can help you in your battles in the game, it can even bring you objects that will help you in the game.
  • Ultra Companion upon reaching 150 Hearts of Affection: Your friendly Pokémon will help you explore the world by informing you of interesting places that you have not yet discovered. He will also bring you exclusive souvenirs that you can check on the partner’s profile page.
  • Best Partner at 300 Hearts of Affection: If you reach this level, your partner will wear a Best Partner ribbon to show everyone your friendship. At this level, your partner will get a combat point booster in battles as long as they are assigned as a partner Pokémon.

To reach each of the previous states, as you have seen, a series of hearts of affection are required. The problem is that to reach the maximum state of friendship we need no less than 300 hearts of affection, something that will require us perfectly a month of continuous play. Of all the ways, the easiest way to get these hearts is by feeding them berries, taking a picture of them, playing with your Pokémon, or also entering a battle with your friend Pokémon.

Finally, there is a state that we have not included in the previous points, and that has a totally different effect. It’s called the euphoric state, a level higher than reaching 300 hearts of affection. Like all levels, we have a series of rewards for reaching that state, and in this it was not going to be less. What’s more, we have almost unique advantages in the Niantic game.

And what does the euphoric state do? If you can get your Pokémon Partner to show Euphoria on the profile page and the creature reaches that level, you will have the following advantages:

In the first place, we will see an advantage in one of the most important aspects of this very particular friendship, which is the reduction of the distance that your partner needs to find candy is reduced by half. On the other hand, we will also see an increase in the number of hearts won per share, which doubles with respect to the amount we are used to. Finally, you can also earn the heart bonus with the euphoric state, a rare element in Pokémon GO.

level companion adventure pokémon go

But this is not an infinite source, where we can take where and when we want. Unfortunately, we can only complete one activity a day to get hearts of affection, but the good thing is that we are allowed to exchange our partner Pokémon up to 20 times a day, which means that we can upload up to 21 Pokémon companions at the same time.

In this way, we must focus on a daily activity that gives us the maximum number of hearts of affection possible, but that at the same time is an activity that you can do quickly enough to be able to do it with 21 different Pokémon a day. You can earn a maximum of 10 hearts per day for each of your Pokémon friends.

Process to level up your Pokémon Partner

However, Pokemon go allows us to do this without using a Pokocho. To do this we will first have to feed our partner Pokémon with 3 berries, then we will have to play with him, take a snapshot and finally carry out three battles having our partner Pokémon in our group, either in training, against other players or in gyms.

At the end of this, we must do the following three times: first travel 2 km with our partner (or wait 30 minutes), then give him a berry, followed by a game session, another snapshot and one more battle with our partner in the group . If you do this three times in Pokémon GO, your partner Pokémon will be very excited and will receive more hearts. Completing this process every day for 12-13 days will allow you to achieve best friend status in Pokémon Go, as long as you also spin new PokéStops.