Activate alerts so you don’t miss new series on Netflix

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Every month you can see what’s new on Netflix with compilations in ADSLZone or the best series and premieres by date. But you may not remember the date once the time comes so you can know when there is a new series on Netflix or movie, activate notifications in the streaming service or even receive an email with a summary of the news of each day or week.

If you’re interested don’t miss any Netflix premiere, we can keep track of series and films and documentaries from any device.

See what’s new on Netflix

You can see the latest news on Netflix directly from the browser or from the Netflix application for phones, tablets or televisions. You just have to open the web page or the app and log in with your username and password. Once inside your profile you must go to the menu at the top of the page and choose “Most viewed news”. Here you will see a series of sections and categories with the latest in the application or streaming service. We will see different rows depending on what has already arrived and what is to come. The order of the rows is not always the same and you will see that they are the same rows but sometimes they will appear in one order and others in another.

The first thing we will see is a ranking of what is the most popular in Spain today of the news available on Netflix. The ten recently released series or movies that are being a success in your region. Ordered from 1 to 10 if you want to know what others see.

Netflix news

“New on Netflix” is where you can see what has been released recently, whether they are new series or new episodes. In the case of being something that has a new season you will see a label in which it is indicated “New episodes”. You will also see a Netflix icon in the upper left corner if it is an original series from the platform or in the upper right corner we will see a “top10” icon if that premiere or novelty is among the most viewed lately.

In these lines we will also see “Worth waiting for them”, a Netflix section that shows us the most anticipated releases of the coming weeks or months. Some of them will be indicated as “Season X premiere on Day Y” but others simply appear in that row so you know that there will soon be a new collection of episodes available and that you should take it into account and review it periodically to see them. They can be returns of seasons of series that already exist or new unpublished stories.

Netflix premieres

Finally, we will see two rows with the premieres of this week and next week. They are the most interesting if we want to know what will be new in the coming days or what are the news of Netflix soon. Here will be the series and movies that arrive on Netflix in the next few days, during the next fifteen days. In the front row, this week or the next seven. In the second, the next fifteen days from the moment you have consulted it.

Configure notifications

In any of the series of these rows of “novelties” We can add them to the list if they are already broadcast but new episodes arrive, which will allow us to always have them at hand. But if it is a movie, a new story or a documentary with a single chapter, we can also make the platform notify us when it is available and we can see it. The steps to do it are always the same.

You should look for the movie, series or documentary that you want to have controlled when it is released. Touch on it to open the tab and you will see the icon “Remind me” along with a bell, as you can see in the image below.

remind me

Tapping will change the button to indicate “Scheduled reminder.” And under it we will see the subtitle: “This title will appear in My list when available.”

Scheduled reminder

Once the day it is released arrives, all you have to do is go to or your application on any device and go to the menu at the top and choose “My list”. All the series or films or documentaries that you follow will appear here.

You can also do it with any series or movie that is in the mentioned lists of the news menu but also if you have a Netflix link to other types of content that does not appear in this carousel but you have seen in compilations or social networks, for example. You just have to go to the link and tap on the same button.

In the case of the mobile phone, you can activate the notifications on the smartphone so that they not only appear on your list but also notify you in case of news. You just have to go to “Application Settings” and activate the switch. “enable notifications” that you will see in the settings.

Subscribe to emails

We can also subscribe them to Netflix emails to receive information about the news directly in the email and as a summary. We can activate them and choose what we want n and what not to send us.

  • Open Netflix in your browser
  • Go to your account by tapping on the upper right corner
  • Look for your profile at the bottom
  • Make sure there is an email assigned to your profile
  • Go to the bottom of the page and open “Communication settings”

Keep in mind that you can have an email for each of the profiles so they will not notify you with the same emails as your brother, your partner, your mother. Once inside “Communication settings” we can mark five different options according to what we want to receive by email and what not:

  • Updates on Netflix with new features and improvements
  • Now on Netflix with new releases, latest series and seasons added
  • Netflix offers
  • Netflix polls
  • Netflix Kids and Family with Parental Control Updates

Email notifications

The one that interests us is the second: “Now on Netflix”, Make sure it is updated and confirm with the button at the bottom of the web page,

Social networks and messaging apps

Beyond adding the series that appear as I have explained, there are other tools or alternatives to know when there is news on Netflix or to know when there is a new Netflix series or movie. Not the entire catalog appears on the premiere carousel because they may have simply added a classic movie tape that you liked as a child and will not mark it as such, as it is not relevant to the rest. In these cases, there are profiles on social networks in charge of collecting all the news day after day.

You can follow the Netflix profile in Spain where not only will the news be, but you will also see trailers, humorous videos, announcements, recommendations. Beyond entering the profile on Twitter, you can also tap on the bell icon next to the “Following”To be able to activate notifications every time the profile tweets and thus you will see if there are news that interest you.

There are other specific accounts launching news such as Rooster Netflix. It is a Twitter account that also has its own Telegram channel where every day the links are updated with the news on the platform but this profile has been “stopped” since June 2019 but you can find many Telegram channels where you will receive a summary every day of the news.

Tracking apps and services

In addition to seeing what is there every day, you can have a notice of new series or movies on the platform if you use applications or monitoring programs such as TV Time that allows you to manage what you are watching, what you want to see, what this slope. TV Time is an application that allows us to write down all the series we are watching or the ones we want to see. What the application does is send us a notification when there is a new chapter that we have not seen.

TVTime works as a free app for iOS and Android or in the browser version although much less practical. From the profile of the same and in “Settings” we can look for the section that indicates “New episode” and activate the switch as you can see in the image below. In addition, it allows you to choose when you want to receive the notification: just before it opens, an hour before or the day after the premiere to ensure that it is already available in your area.

Beyond the notifications themselves, you can go to the “Episodes to watch” tab in the “Series” section. Everything that is available of everything you are viewing will appear. As you watch content, you can mark them as viewed on your profile and the application will show you in this section what is pending or if there are new episodes, which will be highlighted with a striking yellow label.

It is a useful option because you can not only have a notice of news on Netflix but also from other applications or services streaming that usually premiere weekly episodes such as HBO, Movistar or Disney Plus.

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