Acer Halo: Rarest Google Assistant Speaker on the Market

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Table of Contents

Acer Halo featured

The selection of smart speakers available in Spain continues to grow. The models within the Google Nest family were joined by the new Xiaomi device. They both now have a new competitor, the Acer Halo, which has been presented today. It is a smart speaker that comes with the integrated Google assistant, although its design is striking for its particularity.

This new Acer Halo is a smart speaker that will provide us with quality sound and that stands out for its design, with a base with RGB lighting that changes color or pattern when in operation. Are we facing a new rival to fear for the Google Nest and the Amazon Echo?

This is the Acer Halo

Acer Halo official

The Acer Halo comes with a design that sets it apart from other smart speakers on the market. Its base is transparent, where we have this RGB lighting whose color or pattern will change at all times, so that it will adapt to the situation and the use that is being made of it at that time. The user will be allowed to configure the lighting at all times.

At the top of this speaker we have an LED panel, where information such as time, weather or temperature will be displayed, with text or with small icons. So you can easily see the time or the time, if at that time we do not have a clock.

As the brand has said in its announcement, this Acer Halo is one of the first speakers on the market to use DTS Sound. Therefore, it is expected to provide quality surround sound with a cinematic experience. Google Assistant is the assistant built into this brand’s speaker. So good integration with other devices that work with the assistant is expected.

For the moment no further details on specs of this brand speaker. So we have to wait for Acer itself to provide more data, something that they will surely do when their official launch approaches.

Price and availability

Acer Halo

The Acer Halo will go on sale in the United States in the first quarter of 2021. Nothing has been said about the launch in Spain, although we have contacted Acer to find out more about its launch date and sale price in Spain. When the brand responds, we will update this section.

At its launch in the United States will arrive with a price of 109 dollars, so it will compete directly with models from the Google Nest range in this field.

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