Access Google Discover from any page

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Table of Contents

It is a fact that is very curious. Until not too long ago, in Nova Launcher it was not possible to enjoy one of the most highly valued features by users of the native Android launcher: access to the Google Feed. Now, not only can we access this service, but it also has compatibility to do so from any part of the interface.

Nova Launcher

Access Google Discover in Nova Launcher

It is not an automatic implementation that has been made in Nova Launcher, but the launcher’s own developers have created an independent app that acts as a bridge to Google Discover, making it a fully compatible app. The app in question is Google Nova Companion, that we can download from APKMirror and is available for devices from Android 5.0 Lollipop.

google discover nova launcher settings

So far good. This app allows us to access the Google Discover feed without any problem, as if we were in stock Android. What happens is that we can really keep it in mind in any page, which is more difficult to achieve. That is, it is not necessary to remain on the home screen to enter Discover, sliding to the right as we are used to.

To do this, it is only necessary to access the launcher settings, and in the “Integrations” section, activate the “Scrolling with Edge” option. Thus, it will suffice with swipe from the far left of the screen to access Google Discover from any panel on the home screen.

Use Google Discover in dark mode

One of the drawbacks of being an independent application is that you do not have the same favorable treatment that Google has with the rest of the manufacturers. Although most manufacturers already offer Discover on their home screens, independent applications have it more complicated, having to install their own plugin.

google discover nova launcher integrations

For activate Google Discover in this dark shade, basically we are going to use the same route as in the previous section, configuring it from the same menu. So we can kill two birds with one stone, as they say.

  • As we have explained before, we have to install integration or plugin Google Nova Companion as a first step.
  • Once installed, we go to Nova Launcher settings → Integrations.
  • Here we can customize the experience and theme of Discover. To do this, in the “Theme” option we can choose between Dark or Light, since if we click on “Follow the dark mode” it will have no effect.