A well-designed and private search engine for Android: Xayn

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Featured Xayn

Privacy is important to users Android in Spain, something that applies to both the operating system and the apps we use on the phone. A browser or private search engine is something necessary on the phone and luckily we have many options available, to which we can add a new search engine called Xayn.

Xayn is a search engine for Android that stands out for its privacy, in addition to its good design. This search engine seeks to give us precise and personalized searches thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, but without collecting our data, to guarantee privacy at all times.

Private, with AI and good design

Xayn privacy settings

Privacy is Xayn’s main weapon, which ensures that your searches will always be private, by using European privacy standards. Your data will always remain with you and you also have the ability to block cookies or trackers, to avoid tracking on the web. So you will not have to worry at any time about your data or that it will be misused.

Design is another highlight in this search engine, which allows easy use. We find a main screen with highlighted news from various media and topics, similar to a feed like Google Discover. We also have the search engine tab, where you can easily search, with a comfortable interface to use. In addition, when doing a search, it recommends terms, whose precision will improve as we carry out more searches.

Search in Xayn interface

Xayn uses artificial intelligence to offer better results when you search. As you use this search engine on Android, the results will be more personalized, especially when you use somewhat more general terms, so that they better fit what you need. If you want, you can deactivate that artificial intelligence on its main page, so each user has control over this function.

Xayn search

This search engine also gives us functions that make its use especially comfortable, such as determining which results are relevant or not by sliding, so that he will learn about your preferences. You can also save those results or searches made in bookmarks, to always have access to them and read something when you feel like it.

How to download Xayn on Android

Xayn is an application that is available for free on the Google Play Store. In addition, inside we do not have advertisements or purchases of any kind, for use without any hassle. So if you were looking for a private and free search engine, it is a good option.

A well-designed and private search engine for Android: Xayn 1

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