A video shows the first functions of Samsung’s One UI 3.1

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A video shows the first functions of Samsung's One UI 3.1 1

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are presented within a week, in an event that we can follow in Spain. This next high-end of the brand, about which we already have a lot of details, will be the first to use One UI 3.1, the new version of the manufacturer’s interface. An interface that will introduce us to a series of new features.

A new video that has been leaked allows us to see some of the functions that Samsung will introduce in One UI 3.1 on these new Galaxy S21. The brand is currently launching the update to One UI 3 for many models, but in a week this new version will be official.

These are the new features of Samsung’s One UI 3.1

Watch video

Until now it was not known what would be the news that Samsung was going to introduce in these Galaxy S21 with One UI 3.1. There have been rumors about some of the possible new features, although nothing was confirmed. This video confirms some of the functions What can we expect, at least on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which will go official on January 14.

S Pen support

Galaxy S21 Ultra One UI 3.1 support S Pen

It’s not really a surprise, because it’s been rumored for a long time, but this video confirms the holder for the S Pen that we will see on these phones. In addition, it can be seen that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have support for some of the well-known functions of Samsung’s S Pen, such as Air View or Air Command, among others.

Continue apps on other devices

One UI 3.1 use apps on other devices

A function that promises to be one of the most prominent in One UI 3.1, which will allow you tocontinue using a certain app on another device where you are logged into your Samsung account. At the beginning, this function will be compatible with Samsung Internet and Notes, so that you can open those apps on another device, and continue from the moment you left it on your phone as normal.

Videos as wallpaper

Samsung will introduce in One UI 3.1 a series of videos to have in the background, with a large selection of videos to choose from. Some of these videos are based on augmented reality.

Google Discover

Google Discover One UI 3.1

One of the most recent rumors to be finally confirmed, the phones Samsung with One UI 3.1 will be able to use Google Discover. The brand will provide users with the option to choose between Google Discover or Samsung Free, which is the replacement for Samsung Daily, which has already been officially launched on One UI 3. You can choose between them or have nothing on that screen on the left, but if you want a feed, you can select the one you like the most.

Camera improvements

One UI 3.1 new camera

The other novelty that has been seen will be present in One UI 3.1 is in the camera application. In English this function will be called Director’s View (director’s point of view), which is a long-awaited feature in Samsung’s interface. It was actually expected on the Galaxy S20, but it never came and it seems that it will be official on the Galaxy S21.

The function allows users easily switch cameras while recording. It is not very clear how it will work or what options it will give, but it could be that it can be recorded from more than one sensor at the same time.

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