A very complete Android widget

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If you want to know where it will rain, if the winds are going to be strong or if adverse weather phenomena are expected in your municipality, the latest predictions and official warnings from the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) are within reach of your mobile with this simple application.

AEMET time
AEMET time

An extensive tour of the AEMET app

The application automatically identifies the place where the device is located from where it is consulted and shows the expected time for that location. In addition, it is also possible to obtain the prediction in any other place in Spain through a simple and fast search engine. Regarding its prediction, it has 7-day predictions for more than 8,000 municipalities, from hour to hour until the third day.

aemet time notices

In a later development to improve the services of the app, the custom notifications. This means that we can choose the different alerts that are available in the app, especially with regard to adverse weather phenomena near the preferred areas that we have also chosen.

weather aemet forecast

Note the progressive improvement in the app’s interface. Previously, the official AEMET weather application included a good number of data and its own information that we could not find in more general applications, but with a downside: it had an interface that only an undemanding user could want. Now the app has completely renovated all its appearance to better adapt to the new times.

We find much more refined menus, with background transparencies as well as a more organized and clean interface. All this without losing the simplicity that it has from the outset. However, it is not a panacea for design, although it is decent enough to navigate the app comfortably.

We tested the AEMET widget

In short, we can see the weather conditions of any municipality, beaches or the entire country through its 24 hour radar. In addition, we can see the most prominent warnings that are around our location, whether in the form of wind, rain or extreme temperatures.

aemet radar weather

A complete arrangement of the time we have in the app, but this should not be everything. A good application to check the weather must have a widget to match, which allows you to see that information more immediately on the desktop, without the exclusive need to enter the app. This AEMET, how could it be otherwise, has its own widget but is it up to the task?

The first thing to say is that it has two widget formats. One of them shows the time, the temperature and of course the current climate, which has been a more daily information. On the other hand, it has another widget that focuses on a more weekly forecast, where we can see the weather condition and temperature from Monday to Sunday.

The truth is that the widgets are quite immobile in the sense of not being very customizable if we want to add more elements, beyond configuring a couple of settings. Yes, we can resize the widget as we want without losing information. As for the settings, just let us change the location displayed and customize background color of the widget, where we have a wide palette of colors.