A tower defense in the style of Clash Royale

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Rush Royale comes as fresh air to the genre a little crushed from the 1 vs 1 confrontation and it also does it with a good visual quality, although it is not the best either. It is a more complex game than we are used to, so if we know its mechanics well we can progress quickly to access high-level content while others will go through the box.

Rush Royale - Tower defense PVP tower defense
Rush Royale - Tower defense PVP tower defense

Rush Royale, a tower defense 1 vs 1 with a lot of freshness

I mean, what are you going to be able to face another player in a real-time game in which you have to generate cards, improve them and try to merge some of them in order to enjoy some of their abilities. A curious and interesting tower defense in which you will face other players in the most Clash Royale style of Supercell. Of course, with a design very similar to the Supercell title but with a very original concept.

rush royale departure

It is presented as a union between fantasy, strategy, tower defense and cards to collect. We will summon magicians, warriors and archers with a clear objective: to defend the fortresses from the attacks in real time of the hordes of monsters. Offers two online modalities. In PvP we will face other players, while in cooperative we will look for a partner to defeat waves of enemies. The accumulation of mana will be necessary to improve, as well as to recruit troops and to boost them.

rush royale homeIn the lower part we have the towers that we are generating randomly with the mana we consume so that they begin to eliminate all that horde of enemies controlled by the machine, while in the upper one we have our opponent doing the same with their own towers and those enemies that go directly to their “castle” to take their lives.

Much more dynamic games than the competition

This is the Rush Royale 1v1 match base concept, but it is that not only does it stay here, but those towers that are generated randomly are of different class, or Clash Royale cards, and we can even merge them to generate other higher level, although they can also change their identity to become other letters.

The best of all is that all those enemies that are eliminating our towers will attack the player opponent, so if we are fast enough, we will begin to observe at the top as he begins to suffer a little.

rush royale decks

Of course each tower has its characteristics, so the design and color show their own skills. This is where the freemium part of Rush Royale comes in, since we have to unlock new cards that we are getting through the chests we get. The coins allow us to use the cards we have to improve them And so we are faced with that very similar freemium of the Supercell Clash Royale titles.

And of course we can also opt for the season pass like its Clash Royale counterpart and thus obtain more resources in less time as we progress. As you can see, we are facing a game that in its mechanics a bit complex to what has been normal, is capable of cajoling us. Now it remains that you know each card well, since some launch lightning power, others fire, others poison and others are very fast.