A spectacular platform game on Android

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Table of Contents

The first thing we can say, to give you an idea, is that its development refers to two well-known titles already in the Play Store: Rayman Legends and Leo’s Fortune. However, it has its own mechanics, as well as a story and a unique setting, which is why it was awarded in 2018.


The successor to Leo’s Fortune

Oddmar This is a side-scrolling platform game starring a Viking who must prove his worth to his village after the disappearance of his parents. Oddmar has trouble in his village and is not worthy of a place in Valhalla. The other Vikings do not respect him, and he must redeem himself for wasting his potential. One day he finds the opportunity to prove himself, but at a price. From there your epic adventure.

oddmar levels

We are, without a doubt, one of the best platform games for mobile devices. Its design and levels are very careful. With handmade illustrations and with animated sequences between levels that tell us the story of the game. If we try to search for titles similar to Oddmar, the first one that comes to mind is Leo’s Fortune. In fact, the creator of the latter is also in charge of developing this Viking setting title.

Like its predecessor, to put it in some way, it has hand-drawn graphics, with very creative environments, only with the difference of not being totally paid like Leo’s Fortune, so it is a point in its favor. We witness narrative scenes to give coherence to the story between each level or each chapter, which gives it much more depth. Is subtitled in spanish.

Oddmar, one of the best experiences in a platform game for Android

It has 24 levels spread over four worlds, with a final boss each, in the purest style of a Super Mario Bros. Its levels are full of puzzles and challenges that put the physics of this title to the test. Its controls are very intuitive, based on finger gestures, although somewhat difficult to master at first. Of course, in the settings we can configure the controls to appear on the screen. The first levels of the story will help the game to explain how each of the skills that we are unlocking is used.

At these levels we learn all the movements that can be performed. Apart from those that we have already mentioned, we can hit objects and enemies, or jump down to break platforms that give us access to other routes. During the course of the screens we will not be alone, since we will meet different characters along the way. They do not have to always be enemies to eliminate, but others offer us a market to buy new weapons or that give off a hallucinogen that lead us to other puzzles within the level.

oddmar puzzle

At Oddmar we simply have to enjoy a master class how to make a real platform. Excellent character design, total animations, lively environments that put the perfect atmosphere to each of the adventures, a sound of ten with a soundtrack and various effects and, what to say, the levels so well recreated so that we can work them out. when trying to beat the screen.

Oddmar is a free game … only at the beginning

For the rest, Oddmar has in its main menu several interesting options to highlight, or rather those that it does not have. And it is a purely individual game, without the possibility of playing with friends or facing them. It’s true that it’s platforming and old-school, but when you get to the end of the story, the title has nothing else to offer. It only has a ranking of the scores achieved in the levels, to compare them with other players.

He also shows us a book with all the levels and worlds that we have ahead of us in his adventure, although precisely about that we have come to talk in these lines. And it is that although its download is completely free and apparently everything indicates that it is a free to play, the truth is that it is not like that. Oddmar offers the prologue of the story for free, so the play could not be more masterful. Unlike Leo ‘Fortune, this one leaves room for users to test the mechanics, want more, and finally end up buying the full pass. What is known as ‘putting the candy in your mouth’.