A simple and widgetized email app: Blue Mail

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Featured BlueMail

The number of mail applications available in Spain is wide. Apart from classic options like Gmail, users are looking for alternatives that give them more options or that are more comfortable to use. A mail application that we can consider is Blue Mail, which stands out for its simple and easy-to-use interface.

Blue Mail is a free email application which has a good interface. In addition, this application gives us a large number of functions, such as support for multiple clients, organizing / dividing emails by colors and it has a widget that we can add to our Android phone.

An email app with many functions

Blue Mail home

Blue Mail is an application that has all the ingredients to be a popular option among Android users. Its interface is easy to use, allowing us to move in the inbox with great comfort. Also when writing an email we will not have any problem. In addition, the app has support for a multitude of clients, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and many more.

Its many additional functions make it an especially interesting application. It has support for Wear OS, so that we can see them from the watch directly, in addition to having widgets, so that we have those widgets that we need the most directly on the home screen of our smartphone.

Blue Mail interface

We also find functions such as block notifications at certain times of the day, to be able to organize the emails by color for a better division of them. Blue Mail also allows you to choose which ones are important, to find them as soon as possible in the tray. The search engine integrated into the app is easy to use and helps to quickly locate the emails or contacts that we need at all times.

Blue Mail features

Blue Mail introduces itself as a balanced email app, easy to use and that gives us many functions that make it interesting. If you were looking for an app in which to have several trays, being able to add your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and more accounts here, it is a great option.

How to download Blue Mail on Android

Blue Mail can be download for free from the Google Play Store. This mail application does not have purchases or advertisements inside, for a really comfortable use of it.

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