A service for streaming mobile games

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Table of Contents

Hatch is a subsidiary of Rovio, creators of the legendary ‘Angry Birds’ franchise. His bet is really simple and familiar if we already know Google Stadia: in exchange for a subscription, the user can play 100+ premium cloud games. There are no downloads, no ads, and no waiting. You choose a game, launch it, and play. No matter the age of the terminal, the specifications or the range to which the device belongs, it is enough to have a connection and the subscription in order.

Hatch: Play Amazing Streaming Games

Hatch, the Google Stadia of mobile games

Hatch may sound strange to you, as you might say, but it is a new game streaming app for Android in which you will be able to find high quality titles. Not only this, but you will enter the leaderboards with your scores, which gives it a more than interesting point compared to other platforms.

The application is divided into categories, namely: “Recent”, “Live”, “On display”, “Exclusives”, “Action”, “Arcade”, “Adventure” and “Puzzle”. Inside each one there are different games and launching them is as simple as clicking on them and hitting «Play».

It should be noted that within the file of each game there is a global leaderboard, so that the user can see who has the highest score in the game and try to beat it. You will also be able to see the time you have played and the last time you accessed the title.

Role-playing, action, retro or next-generation games …

Hatch doesn’t have much of a mystery. When you open the application, all the games that are available appear, which are not few. He Hatch catalog includes titles such as ‘Monument Valley’, ‘Leo’s Adventures’, ‘Crazy Taxi’, ‘Hitman Go’, ‘Twin Link’, ‘Back to bed’, ‘Sonic’ and, of course, ‘Angry Birds’ and its different variants . To these we must add the Hatch exclusives: ‘Arkanoid’, ‘Yono’, ‘Speed ​​Brawl’ and ‘No Reload Heroes’. About 150 in total.

Hatch offers two subscriptions: the free and the paid. The free subscription offers 20 selected games and leaderboard. The premium allows access to the complete game catalog, play on the television, Hatch Kids (with children’s games), access to the originals and no advertising for 6.99 euros.

Only accessible for 5G or a good Wi-Fi connection

To more easily see what the Hatch service offers, it is as if in Google Play you could select a game and play it directly without having to wait. The difference is that the catalog is smaller and, a very, very important aspect, that games are not adapted to all screen sizes.

That being said, how about the experience? The truth is that, after having tried several games, we got a rather bittersweet taste in the mouth. Sweet, because the gaming experience is quite correct despite the fact that in titles like ‘Rocket Riot Multiplayer’ there are quite significant frame drops. Sour, because the data and battery consumption is quite, quite high.

Except for the case of ‘Rocket Riot Multiplayer’ and in general terms, the game as such, what we would call gameplay, it goes smoothly. There are no drops in the charts, latency is very correct and the avatar responds immediately to our touches. You could say that it is perfectly playable, beyond the aspect ratio problem that we mentioned earlier.