A racing game that is not a simulator

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If what you are looking for in a lightweight racing title and without many driving options, it may be your option. If what you expect from this game is an adaptation of its older brother on consoles, we are going to tell you from now on that you are going to be disappointed, because you are not going to control the car for a long time in a race.

Project CARS GO
Project CARS GO

Graphics of a simulator, arcade gameplay

We are talking about a game that can be classified as drag racer, a genre that turns out to be the casual declination of normal driving games and that are not considered a simulator: experiences based mainly on the single touch, in which in reality it is not allowed to control the car, but only asks to complete a sequence . from fast time events They provide the necessary starting point to cross the finish line first.

project cars go graphics

The discussion about the dignity and value of these productions aside, the problem with Project CARS GO is obviously that everyone was expecting something different: a scaled-down version of the excellent racing simulator available on PC and console, which could help relaunch. all genre on smartphones.

Summing up and getting straight to the point, Project CARS GO is a one touch racing game in which we will participate in the most famous circuits in the world. The objective is quite clear: to rise as winners in the races that are within the game. We will do it by collecting the best cars to use in each race.

The races in Project CARS GO are not much of a mystery, because a single touch will be enough to control the car. In the first race we are given a series of indications about the controls, such as the operation of the marks or brakes. A single touch will be enough to accelerate, brake or control the car on all kinds of circuits. You will not have to be pressing on the screen to move it in the direction you want, but a touch will allow you to move it to that side.

project cars go eventsThere are several game modes available insidesuch as World Championship, Manufacturer Friendlies, Daily Friendly and more. This will allow us to participate in races with other players, with whom to compete to become winners. As we win races we will earn money, which will allow us to buy new cars with which to increase the collection. In addition, we can personalize and improve these cars (upon payment) in order to advance in the championship.

Like many other titles in the genre, it follows the same system to compete in races. And it is that as a good free to play, it has some tokens that are consumed every time we participate in a duel, that if we spend it, it will not be possible to continue playing, unless we want to checkout.

The wide variety of cars and circuits that Project CARS GO offers

World Tour mode is the main campaign of Project CARS GO and transport players across the globe as they compete to win prizes, upgrade their cars, and take on increasingly difficult challenges on real-world tracks like Brands Hatch, Autodromo Nazionale Monza, WeatherTech Raceway, and Laguna Seca. In addition to the above, players will have the opportunity to participate in Time Trials and invitational races.

project cars go menu

So you will have many different ones, some more complicated due to their curves, for example, but that you will be able to dominate as you progress through the game. When it comes to cars, the game features officially licensed racing cars. Some examples of cars that you can use in Project CARS GO They are: Nissan Skyline GT-R, Acura NSX, Lotus Type 49C Cosworth, Ford GT LM GTE and Porsche 919 Hybrid. In total they are more than 50 vehicles available. In addition, you can customize your vehicles through a very simple system that includes various paint styles and performance improvements.

What experience does the reduced version of Project CARS GO offer?

Completed a short tutorial that leads to the contents of the pack, represented on the map in a rather confusing way, the races that characterize the Bell in-game actually ask you to adjust throttle to optimize startup by tapping the screen like the gas pedal, then lift your finger instead of continuing to press to get the car moving. Contradictory, which is the general trend of the game.

project cars go racing

In the course of the races, there are Checkpoints that require our intervention: the blue ones are used for gear changes and are activated more or less correctly with a single touch when the car passes under the signal, while the red ones imply the start of a braking in which we will have to maintain your finger on the display and then lift it at the green control points.

Typically, the trend of this simplified variant of racing makes the collector’s aspect of the racing be taken very seriously. garage, the purchase of new cars and their aesthetic customization, but even on this front the title of Gamevil lacks its word: in addition to changing the paint, it is not possible to do much more editing on the cars, although improvements can be made at a mechanical level . The polygonal models of the vehicles, although detailed, become playful and uninteresting due to the excessive reflections in the bodywork.

project cars go customization

This game has been a long time in development, but it has finally come to Android. It is a game that performs well in this field, with good graphics, varied races and with the possibility of buying several of the best car brands in the world to your liking. The controls are simple, although it is possible that in the first race you are not entirely used to it.