A productivity app with a Kanban board: this is Bundled Notes

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When developing projects, it is good to have a tool that helps us to be able to control its progress. On Android we find many productivity applications, in the form of list or task apps, such as To Do or Taskade, known to users in Spain. We can now add Bundled Notes to this list.

Bundled Notes that has been available for a short time on Android, since its version 0.9 has just been released now, so they are preparing for the launch of its stable version soon. This version of the app allows to use a Kanban board or Kanban Board, a productivity tool known to many.

This is Bundled Notes

Bundled Notes

Kanban is a work tool, which allows us to see the status or development of a project and its tasks. On a classic board you are going to have columns full of to-dos that scroll from left to right as you progress towards completion. A dashboard can consist of columns for pending, in progress, peer review, testing, and completed, but the exact terms are up to you and your project.

Bundled Notes takes this in its new version and condenses it into an interface based on a series of lower tabs which allows you to view one column at a time. Columns can be added by creating labels and converting them to dashboards in a package configuration. The first steps can be a bit confusing when creating it, especially if you have never worked with one. But once you have your board, you will be able to see your tasks in a visual and very simple way, as well as see the state or phase in which they are.

Now that many are forced to work from home, whether they have been doing it for months or will do it again, it is presented as another good application to manage tasks or projects. Since it allows you to see what phase each of these tasks is in, something useful both in your individual work and in group projects.

Create your own Kanban board

A productivity app with a Kanban board: this is Bundled Notes 1

When you enter the application, you can create individual notes or packages, depending on what you want to do. If you need to create a board in the purest Kanban style, you can do it by creating a Bundle (package). If what you want is to write down an idea, such as ideas for jobs, you can simply bet on a note. So the application is well suited to all kinds of users on Android.

If you have chosen to create a package in Bundled Notes, you can give it the desired name, as well as select the phase you are in in said Kanban board (if it is in the planning phase, if it is underway or if it is already completed). You will be able to create tasks or projects and then place them in the corresponding phase. In the application, you can see that when entering a project, you bet on the distribution of the Kanban board, with the various phases at the bottom and by clicking on one, you will see the tasks that are in that phase.

Bundled Notes Kanban

Bundled Notes presents a very visual interface, especially with this Kanban board. It may take a while to master its use, the way projects and tasks are created, but it is not too complicated. The application is presented as a productivity tool that can be of great help. In addition, it integrates with the system’s dark mode without any problem, which makes its use even more comfortable.

How to download Bundled Notes on Android

Bundled Notes is an application that we can download on Android for free. Although in this free version we have access to 400 notes and 6 packages. If you want to have unlimited storage, creating the notes or packages you want, as well as access to its web version, we can pay a monthly subscription of 1.89 euros or pay 15.99 euros per year.

The application is in an initial phase in the Play Store, so could be somewhat unstable in its operation on Android. In the time that I have used it on my phone there have been no operating problems. So surely you have a similar experience.

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