A minimalist text editor for creative writers: JotterPad

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For many Android users in Spain it is essential to have some kind of text editor on your phone. The usual options in this field are apps like Word or Google Docs. Although for those creative writers, there are other apps in which you can write your stories or your ideas. An app that is also perfect for this is JotterPad.

JotterPad is a text editor for Android, which stands out for having a simple and distraction-free design. This app is especially aimed at creative writers, whether you are writing a book, poem, story or an article. Also if you simply want to write the ideas that you have had, it is a suitable editor.

A simple text editor for creatives

JotterPad editor

JotterPad is a text editor that is especially aimed at creative people, with a series of templates to write a book, script, poem, essays, songs, but you can also write articles. Although really any user will be able to benefit from this editor, which presents a simple and minimalist design, which will allow us to write without distractions at all times. It will also work if we just want to write down some ideas that we have had at a certain point.

Although it has a very simple design, this editor has a lot of utility functions such as phrase search, extended keyboard, table and text compatible clipping function, word counter and many more. It should also be mentioned that it has many fonts available, as well as customizable typography. In addition, it also has a dark mode and is integrated into the mode you have on your Android mobile at all times.

JotterPad interface

JotterPad can be synchronized with the cloud, and includes support among others to Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. This will allow you to save everything you write directly to the cloud, as well as being able to write from anywhere, even when you don’t have an Internet connection. When you have a connection, everything will be synchronized again, so that nothing you have written will be lost, thus avoiding risks.

JotterPad preferences

As with other text editors, we have support for several languages ​​in JotterPad, including Spanish. There is a built-in dictionary that will correct possible bugs when you are typing. Also, if you have finished writing something, you can export the final result in various formats, including PDF, docx and .rtf.

How to download JotterPad on Android

JotterPad is a text editor that we can download for free on Android, available in the Play Store. Inside there are purchases inside, to have access to all the advanced functions of this editor without limits. You can bet on a monthly subscription of 4.99 in price or an annual one, which costs 2.83 euros per month.

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