A Minecraft-style astronaut simulator

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Table of Contents

Just from the name you can tell that it is not a popular title, although it is not an unknown project either. Despite its simple appearance both in graphics and gameplay, behind it it keeps a very addictive mechanic for knowing the next task that awaits us.

ExoMiner - Idle Miner Adventure

ExoMiner takes the baton from a PC game

We have written in the previous paragraph that it is a project outside the range in which the great titles of the platform are found, but that it is not entirely unknown. Apart from its millions of downloads corroborated, it is a development that has started on other platforms such as PC.

And it is that this game is strongly inspired by Exo Miner, a title with the same name but from a different developer that had its journey in a computer edition. It had a similar mechanics to this game we are dealing with, where planets were explored to search for mines of materials, although with a higher graphic level. If we speak in the past it is because this title, launched in 2014, had to close in 2015 due to problems with its director of design and programming.

A very addictive astronaut idle clicker

With that idea taken to this mobile edition, ExoMiner aims to become an addictive adventure, despite its lower demands on the graphics or playability. The game works with a isometric view to see the entire territory, which is not usually very extensive but includes different mines where to work and extract materials.

exominer explore mines

Not only do we have to take care of finding more mines, acquiring them and improving the mining machinery, but we have to take care of craft and melt materials to produce new objects and improved technologies. On the other hand, it has a section of improvements that make our work easier but that we must progressively unlock. All this new equipment will allow us to fulfill the main objective of the game, which is none other than explore different planets to go back to collect new materials and build more technology.

The script of the game does not change at any time. It is the whiting that bites its tail, reaching another planet to accomplish the same thing we were doing in the previous one. However, its click-based playability makes this whole routine very light, and even addictive, to continue fulfilling the tasks. The game proposes objectives that somehow encourage not to leave them undone.

exominer craft

Of course, we must think about how you manage those tasks and the resources that we have. In addition, it does not become heavy if we consider that it can work without having the mobile screen active. We can lock the phone, go to eat, work or study. The fact is that it does not stop working, and when we access it again, we have collected more money and materials without having to do anything at all. That is the grace of ExoMiner.

ExoMiner also has things to improve

The overall experience with this astronaut game is very satisfying. There are not many developments in the Play Store offering so much with so little content. We have not mentioned that, apart from integrated purchases, we have boxes where we can obtain money, gems or astronauts that can be added to the work, each one with their specific skills.

exominer store

However, it is a game that still has aspects to polish if it is proposed to do so and that will only improve the experience of this game. The most notorious that we find is the language, only english available, although in principle it is not a great obstacle to play. Another aspect that does not convince us is that progress cannot be saved to the cloud from Google Play Games. Basically, it cannot be saved anywhere, so when you change your phone or uninstall the game, we will lose everything we have achieved.