A method to have videos on your mobile that are on YouTube

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In this sense, there may be different options to undertake this utility, but few are as reliable and effective as Snappea. We are going to show how we can convert any YouTube video into music format to listen to it from the mobile at any time.

Snappea is the app that we are going to use as a converter

It is true that the Snappea website has been doing this for many years, with different tools related to converting files and obtaining content from YouTube. But from Snappea they have also thought of those who only use the mobile phone, so they also have a version for Android in the form of an application.

All we have to do is download the file APK from the official website and install it on your mobile. Once this is done we will be able to enjoy this version for smartphone. But it is a process that we will detail later.

As was the case in the web version, simplicity is the basis of this mobile application, in addition to the fact that the operating system is practically similar to what we have seen on other occasions. We say this because in the Snappea app we find many more functions, which we have reviewed in other previous tutorials.

How to Convert YouTube Videos to Music

We just owe type the URL or name of the video, choose it and once this is done click on Download, so that the app gives us all the MP3 possibilities it has. As soon as we are clear about which one we want, the only thing left to do is click on Download and so it will already be stored in our mobile terminal, to enjoy it whenever we want. But, as was the case in the web version, we can also have the MP4 file of the video in the internal storage of the smartphone.

A method to have videos on your mobile that are on YouTube 1

In addition to this, Snappea has the peculiarity of allowing you to decide how you want to convert your favorite content. You can choose different formats and resolutions, with a download of 320kbps and support from 480p to 4K HD. Do you know what this means? That it is you who decides how to convert YouTube videos to music and MP4, opting for files of low weight to save storage space, or of the highest quality for better enjoyment.

Another great feature of Snappea is that you can use it from any browser, being compatible with all operating systems. So, you no longer have to worry about downloading a new browser, just take advantage of the one of your choice. Also, you will love that you can access this converter from any device, be it computer, tablet or smartphone.

By using this amazing YouTube converter you can also say goodbye to watermarks as well as ads during videos. The MP3 or MP4 that you will obtain will be clean of any advertising or interruption, with the advantage that you can listen to it or watch it offline as many times as you want and just when you want.

Download the YouTube converter from Snappea

Like any self-respecting app outside of Google Play domains, the modus operandi is the same as any other app outside of the official store. Of course, it does not carry any risk, since the link comes from the official website of this tool, without external pages involved. In this way, and so that everything is more outlined, we must do the following to install this YouTube video converter to music:

  • Go to the Snappea website so you can download the APK of the YouTube video to music converter.
  • Once there, click on << Download APK >>
  • You will see that it starts downloading an external executable file for Android.
  • In case you have not done something similar so far, remember that you must activate the option “Unknown sources” so that the system allows the installation of the executable.
  • When finished, a pop-up window will appear to install the application.
  • From there, everything will be ready. The app will be placed on the desktop of the terminal or in the application box, which will only allow you to use the service.