A medieval game with realistic combat

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Table of Contents

It is the sequel to the first installment Knights Fight: Medieval Arena, although this time the relay has been taken by the developer Vivid games, with the same essence and the same setting but with additional characteristics, which we are going to comment on below.

Knights Fight 2: Honor and Glory
Knights Fight 2: Honor and Glory

Knights Fight 2, medieval duels with swords

As the saga has become accustomed to us, the objective consists of developing combats against other knights, in a face-to-face duel with swords or other cutting bladed weapons. Of course, the fights are individual, and usually have several scenarios to unfold, although they are nothing more than a spacious arena to move freely. The game is so story-driven that it features elements based on the legend of King Arthur, as is the Holy Grail or the Excalibur sword.

Knights Fight 2 combat

What stands out most about this title, apart from the graphics, are the movements and physics so realistic that we notice when controlling the character. The button system not only allows you to attack, but also to move in different ways to dodge attacks and perform different animations. The main thing in these duels is the timing we have when making our movements, since the game penalizes if we react too late.

We can block, face, dodge, counter, evade or even launch a kick. Ultimately, all skills serve to gain an advantage in the duel and take the initiative. But we must be careful with our character, since there is a resistance indicator that highlights what the fighter can withstand moving and handling the weapon. It is an element that the top games of this genre follow, since carrying a sword or an ax, in addition to heavy armor, must have some kind of handicap. If we exhaust this resistance, we will be exposed to the attacks of the enemy.

Not everything is fighting in this game

Every fighter heading for a duel or battle must prepare with the best outfits. Therefore, this title has a editor where we can go unlocking elements improved in all aspects, both in the armor for greater protection and the weapons that we are going to use. Apart from that, we can choose between several styles, be it a normal, heavy sword, an ax or other types of edged weapons.

Knights Fight 2 weapons

In this way, we can create our own arsenal of formidable weapons and assemble the weapons: swords, axes, maces, all handled differently. We have the possibility of build the armor perfect to give us an impenetrable defense and complete with a paired helmet and shield, each with a unique aesthetic.

Has there been evolution with Knights Fight?

When we deal with a generation jump, the most common thing is to talk about an advance in terms of its graphic quality. And so it is, in this sequel we find a upgrade visually, in addition to some more refined and fluid physics. In the first edition, the wrestlers move in a rougher and even repetitive way. This is not the case in the last released title, with much more variety in the movements and greater control over them.

Knights Fight 2 online

We continue to maintain the most competitive mode, where we can face other players in challenges. Obviously, battles are PvP, but we still have many more modalities. Like its predecessor, we have the campaign mode to practice. gain experience and improve our equipment. But in addition, the game has seasons to fulfill a series of tasks and thus collect greater rewards.