A launcher that turns your mobile into a productivity tool: this is Ratio

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Cover ratio

The selection of launchers that we can download to our Android mobile in Spain is huge. The launcher plays a decisive role in the personalization of the phone, since it will change its appearance in a remarkable way. If you are looking to transform your phone and give it a minimalist appearance, Ratio is an option to consider.

Although Ratio is more than a launcher, since it is responsible for changing the home screen of our phone in a radical way. What it does is become an ideal productivity tool, by grouping the applications into categories and allowing us to navigate in a more comfortable way.

A launcher and productivity tool

Ratio launcher interface

Ratio will make the home screen in Android present a simple design, with applications grouped into categories, thus facilitating having to search for a specific app. This launcher groups them together in an intelligent way, so it will be simple to find an app when necessary. When clicking on a category of applications, the apps are displayed within it with a design in the form of Tiles, a tile design, as in the new Android 11 menu.

In addition, we are allowed to configure the categories or have one with our favorites, in case we want quick access to them. The design in this launcher is very simple and minimalist, with simple colors, which also has several themes and integrates perfectly in the dark mode of the operating system. If you want, you can change the appearance of the tiles that are used, by holding down an app, you enter the edit option, where you can change icons, colors or the color of the tile.

A launcher that turns your mobile into a productivity tool: this is Ratio 1

Ratio doesn’t forget about widgets, since if we slide to the left we find Root. It is a section where we can place various widgets to access certain applications or functions in a simple way, such as the weather, news, applications (YouTube or social networks) or the Google search bar. Another tool that allows a good use of the launcher and thus have immediate access to functions that we want.

Ratio widgets

A very interesting launcher, which does the same launcher and productivity tool on Android. If you were looking for a tool with which to use your Android phone in a more efficient way, Ratio is a good option to consider. Its ease of use, and its customization options, make it worthwhile.

How to download it on Android

If you want to be able to download this launcher on your phone, it is something that you will be able to do for free, as it is available in the Play Store. This launcher does not have ads or advertising inside, so it is completely free.

A launcher that turns your mobile into a productivity tool: this is Ratio 2

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