A launcher that helps you organize your apps: Smart Launcher 5

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Many Android users in Spain have some kind of launcher installed on their phone. The selection of launchers is wide, with options of all kinds, as if you are looking for something minimalist. If what you are interested in is an option with which you can use your smartphone in a more efficient way, Smart Launcher 5 is a good option to consider.

Smart Launcher 5 is an application launcher that organize your phone efficiently, by grouping the applications in drawers according to their type, in order to have everything well organized. In addition, it has various customization options and is an especially lightweight launcher.

Organize your Android phone in the best way

Smart Launcher 5 home

Smart Launcher 5 is a tool that lets you will help you make better use of your Android smartphone. The home screen will have a cleaner design, with access to the main apps (gallery, browser …) although the interesting thing is that when you click on its icon, you will be shown the apps that fulfill this function, so that you can then open the you want to use. That is, if you click on the browser icon, you will get the icons of the browsers that you have installed, so that you can use the one you want.

By swiping to the left we have a news feed, similar to Google Discover or Samsung’s Free UI. On the right we have the widget screen, where we can place the widgets that we want or use regularly in it, such as the weather or other apps. The widgets thus obtain a dedicated screen. This contributes to the clean and user-friendly design of this launcher.

Smart Launcher 5 screens

One of the keys to Smart Launcher 5 is that organize our apps in drawers, divided into categories. Depending on the apps you have on your smartphone, different categories will be created (Communication, games, Internet, Multimedia…) that allows you to have the applications well organized and accessible in a simpler way, without having to search between the screens. Also, if you want to open two apps at the same time, you will only have to double tap.

Smart Launcher 5 app drawers

Personalization is another remarkable aspect, having support for all kinds of themes or icon packs. This way you will be able to have an appearance that you like more, if the one that this launcher has you do not like. Smart Launcher 5 is also light, which will allow a particularly comfortable use and also fits very well with smartphones within the low or medium range on Android.

How to download Smart Launcher 5 on Android

Smart Launcher 5 can be download for free on Android, available in the Play Store. Inside this launcher we have purchases, to have access to all its functions without any limit. We have various plans in this regard:

  • Monthly for 1.99 euros per month.
  • Annual for 5.99 euros per year.
  • For life for 12.99 euros in a single payment.
A launcher that helps you organize your apps: Smart Launcher 5 1


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