A key on my keyboard does not work: so you can check it

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Maybe right off the bat we begin to notice that some of the keys on our keyboard starts to fail, we have to press it harder, continuously, sometimes it writes and sometimes not, etc. There are many bugs or strange behaviors that we can find when pressing a key, but the truth is that it can be difficult to know if the problem is mechanical or if it is simply necessary, cleaning or similar maintenance is necessary to solve the problem. Next, we are going to show some free websites that allow you to check if a key is failing on your keyboard.

Why does a key fail?

We are facing a fairly common problem with all types of keyboards, from mechanical to membrane, although it is not always caused by the same reason. That laptop key stop working it tends to be more common than a traditional desktop keyboard due to its construction. It is enough to remember the infamous Apple butterfly keyboard that has ended up defenestrated by the amount of problems it caused.

The main problems that a key can fail are:

  • Dirt or moisture
  • Mechanism break
  • Driver problems
  • Bad configuration
  • Problems with the wireless or bluetooth receiver

Free websites to check if any key is failing

Yes, although it is quite curious, there are some online tools that allow us to check or verify if our keyboard works correctly, there is a key that is failing or we have a key pressed continuously without us noticing. Next, we are going to show some web pages where you can check if a key is failing.

Keyboard Checker

It is one of the sites that we can visit to perform an online test of our keyboard. As soon as we enter, we find a keyboard on the screen in which the keys that we are pressing will turn green and work correctly. In addition, it shows how many keys we can continue to test, which was the last one we pressed and shows some keyboard recommendations in case our keyboard does not work well and we want to buy a new one. Go to Keyboard Checker. key is failing


Another web page that allows us to check if a key is failing on our keyboard. When going to Key-Test, we will find a keyboard that occupies the entire screen with the keys drawn with a white border and a green background. While we hold down a key it will be shown in blue and when we simply press it without holding it down, it turns white if all goes well. Key-Test is even capable of checking mouse button presses. Go to Key-Test.

key is failing


From this web page we can access a keyboard checker or the mouse checker. As in the rest of the aforementioned websites, its interface will show an on-screen keyboard and the keys that we press will turn green if they work correctly. In addition, it has sound, which we can activate or deactivate, which simulates the noise when pressing on the keyboard. Go to Keyboardtester.co.

key is failing


With almost the same name as the previous one, KeyboardTester.com is another site that allows us to check if any key is failing on our keyboard. To do this, just visit the website and click on the Tester Launch button. Another window will automatically open with an on-screen keyboard that will show in a green box those keys that we are pressing and that work correctly. Go to KeyboardTester.com.

key is failing


OnlineMicTest is another website that we can go to to find out if there is any key that is not working correctly on our keyboard. You can click on this same link To access the tool and automatically a keyboard will be shown on the page in which the keys that we are pressing will be marked in red. We can go one by one checking if everything is going well. If at any time the key is not shown in red we will have to check it because it will be failing. Those that we have already clicked will be marked in blue so that we can make sure that we have clicked on all of them.

A key on my keyboard does not work: so you can check it 1

What to do if a key fails

If a key does not work or is failing from time to time while we are using our keyboard, it may have a mechanical failure or there is simply something that is causing the failure. If the fault is mechanical or we don’t know how we can fix it, then it would be better to we take you to a specialized technical service to have it checked, repaired or replaced for the damaged key. In a mechanical type keyboard we can always replace the key, the mechanism or both, this being one of its main advantages.

However, it is possible that some key is failing simply because some dirt has accumulated under it. In this case, we can use a blower to try to remove any type of dirt that may be causing a key to fail. Be very careful with using any type of liquid as you can end up spoiling the keyboard. If we disassemble the key, then yes we can clean with some special liquid solution. It is also possible that a tab has been broken, in which case we will have to replace the key with a new one.

Finally, it may touch us replace the keyboard with a new one. Unless we have invested a significant amount of money in a keyboard, the truth is that it has become a fairly inexpensive peripheral to replace and there are dozens of alternatives on the market. Here the important thing will be to decide the type (membrane or mechanical), the connection (USB or wireless) and if we want it with a numeric keypad or not.

In general, we will follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect and reconnect the keyboard
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Update drivers or driver in the operating system
  4. Check the physical connection for breaks or broken pins
  5. Try typing in another application
  6. Try another keyboard on the same computer
  7. Clean the keys (if possible by removing them)
  8. Change the keyboard for a new one

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