A graphic adventure of horror and black humor

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Developer Sui Arts owns pjust one of those games that has been placed among the first positions of the ranking of the most popular in these weeks. Its score in the Play Store speaks for itself, although it is not adapted for all audiences. Of course, as they themselves warn, it is not a game for those who are easily offended.

Dentures and Demons 2
Dentures and Demons 2

Denture and Demons 2, a horror game with lots of black humor

Is about a fun dark adventure game that plunges us into a horrifying story of demons, supernatural cases, and many dangers to face. Through our actions and decisions, the story will unfold, always with that incisive and sometimes even insulting point of black humor.

denture and demons 2 scenarios

Graphically it has that pixel art that you like and a perfectly carried out character design to get us fully into a story of terror and fear. Fortunately, one of its highlights is that it’s translated into spanish, so we are going to find out everything that happens to us in this type of exploration adventures in which we must not stop discovering everything that surrounds us; objects and more. Unfortunately, we celebrate it so much because it is not so common to find the complete Spanish translation in this type of more graphic adventure.

denture and demons 2 editor characters

We start the game customizing our protagonist so we can change his physique, put on a beard and much more. Then we will begin our adventure with a very particular aesthetic that leads us to games like Loom or the great Maniac Mansion by LucasArts. Before creating the character, we have the option to choose the difficulty of the story, something that we do not find in too many mobile games. We have both ‘Teeth Mode’ and ‘Demon Mode’; the first is a simpler difficulty, while the second will make us have a hard time.

What the game drives us to is the constant observation of the scenarios. The instances that the story goes through always have details that help us find clues, so we must pay close attention. They will allow us to progress properly through a horror story in which we have to find out what happens. On the other hand, we have objects such as English keys and other elements that we can drag with our finger to interact with the stage, such as opening doors or picking up other objects.

denture and demons 2 object interaction

And as we have related at the beginning, the terror is added a good dose of black humor. I also know play a funny story in which you do not mince words. That is, it is not recommended for all audiences, so you are already warned. We will find jokes on sensitive topics and aggressive words that not everyone assimilates.

A retro graphic adventure, but almost perfect

We are talking about games from the 90s, so surely some of you do not know them. But by saying that Dentures and Demons 2 is based on them we understand that we are talking about a game in which our protagonist is handled in lateral scroll and in which we have a series of buttons to open the map or accept.

Visually it is quite an attractive game with catchy music and a story design, characters and environments to mention. He lets us carry on his story so that in a few minutes we only have the mission to discover all the history that happens in this Maniac Mansion game.

denture and demons 2 terror

It is not easy either to find an Android game with such a score, with which it can be considered an almost perfect title in its theme. Count with one 4.8 in user reviews, although sometimes it has been found in the 5 points, practically the maximum score that the store gives. And it is not because those evaluations are not verified, since there are hundreds of thousands of downloads around the world.