A game to create a FarmVille-style farm

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One of those first games that took a chair on the Android platform, since its launch dates back to 2012. Despite the passage of time, it is still a benchmark in the management of a farm and in an online environment, specialty of the house Supercell.

Hay Day
Hay Day

Background before starting the farm

The player’s uncle decides to retire and leave a farm, but offers the player the opportunity to keep it and take care of it. The game begins with the presentation of a scarecrow that teaches the player about the wheat harvest. As the game progresses, Angus, a friend of the player’s uncle, will be introduced to the plot and teach about fishing.

hay day story

Players can be grouped into “neighborhoods” where members can help each other when needed, chat with each other, donate items, and more. They will only be able to donate 20 items a day and ask for items every 12 hours.

hay day farm

Mission of Hay Day is that we have to harvest the different crops to sell fresh products, feed animals and make delicious dishes that will make us earn money to improve the facilities of our farm and be able to have more animals and create more types of products. All this with some very neat graphics that make Hay Day one of the most complete simulators of rural life on the Android game market.

Expand your harvest and improve your farm in Hay Day

One of the pillars of Hay Day is that we have to expand our harvest, increase the level of production and collect more variety of crops, since not everything is going to be harvesting wheat. To do this, we must unlock more territory, which can only be done if we level up the farm; on the other hand, we must acquire new machinery to collect and produce these crops. For that, what we will need is game coins, which we will get from sales and from different activities that we can carry out. We can open a stall to offer your friends fruits, vegetables and fresh products of all kinds, in addition to sending your orders by truck or by ship.

And what is the goal of making these crops? We can later sell the products you have collected to our friends. Therefore, Hay Day also has that component of social game that made those first farm games on Facebook like FarmVille, which were sweeping years ago, triumph. This way, we can connect with friends and even visit their farms to get ideas or compare progress, as well as carry out transactions.

hay day visit friends

As always in these types of games, the starts are always very low. The inheritance that the uncle leaves us is not the best of all, with a farm in a deteriorated state and with a scarce harvest. However, the difficulty of the title is not too demanding, among other things because a large part of the progress will consist of in-app purchases to progress through the game. You can build everything: horse stables, gardens, barbecue areas, playgrounds and even the restoration of a mine.

All the characters you meet in Hay Day

Despite being an idle game in which it only works by pressing the different elements, it does not skimp on preserving a certain plot in the gameplay. That is why it has a series of characters that we can unlock and that can help us achieve different objectives.

  • Tom: it is unlocked at level 14 and allows us to buy most of the products of our choice (except expansion and improvement materials). The first time, it stays free for three days. Thereafter, you can be hired with diamonds.
  • Greg: He is a regular visitor who can always be visited from the friend bar. From time to time he buys at the player’s stand and in turn, there are new items at his stand every day.
  • Day Laborers: Unlocked at level 33. Rose helps with the production of feed and the feeding and collecting of animal products and Ernest helps with the production of the dairy and sugar bowl. The first time, they stay free for seven days. Then they can be hired with diamonds.
  • Alfred: Alfred comes in every day at 12:00 AM to deliver the thank you letters.
  • Angus: Angus is the fisherman of the town. (unlocks at level 27, when the lake is available)
  • Scarecrow: It is a talking scarecrow, guides the players throughout the game
  • Visitors to the towns: Among the visitors to the town are; the actress, the dancer, the strongman, the great teacher, the villager, the mechanic, the teacher, the young lady, the cowboy and the salesman